Loki on Disney +: this theory that directly links the series to the Infinity Stones

If you scroll regularly to Tik Tok and are a Marvel fan, then you’ve probably seen this theory pass on Loki before: every episode in the series will be tied to one of the Infinity Stones. We will explain everything to you.

Loki on disney +: this theory that directly links the series to the infinity stones

It all started with the Tik Tok social network and in particular this account called “She_loves_Marvel”. In her video, this MCU fan demonstrates that every episode of Loki is linked to an Infinity Stone, those six gems that the villainous Thanos is trying to recover in the movies.

Once reunited, they give you immeasurable power, capable for example of wiping out half the population of a planet. Even if the last Disney + series demystifies them a bit in a surreal scene where the God of Malice (Tom Hiddleston) realizes that they are being used at TVA… as a paperweight. In other words, the Infinity Stones have no power in this place.

But the reference to these famous gems does not stop there if we are to believe this theory, which shows that the 6 episodes of Loki have a very precise color code, which refers to those of the Stones. Just like the subject treated in the said episode. Here’s how we could sum it up:

In episode 1, the dominant color is orange, like that of soul. Here Loki discovers that he is a Variant, but that he is not a robot, in this hilarious scene where the hero begins to doubt his own existence. Good news for him, he passes the test successfully, which means that he has a soul.

In episode 2, the dominant color is red, like that reality. Here Loki meets Lady Loki aka Sophie (Sophia Di Martino) and begins to question the real purpose of VAT: what is true or false about what she tells him?

Loki on disney +: this theory that directly links the series to the infinity stones


For our tiktokeuse, episode 4, with its golden, yellow and orange hues, is a nod to the Stone of the Spirit.

In the 3, the dominant color is purple, like that power. It is in this episode that our two variants try to escape from a planet doomed to destruction. The two Loki demonstrate the extent of their powers, especially the God of Malice who surpasses himself by wanting to impress his alter ego. The Tiktokeuse completes by adding that the two Lokis are looking for a “source of power” to revive their pad.

In the 4, the dominant colors are yellow and gold, a reference to that spirit. It is precisely in this episode that Mobius (Owen Wilson) changes his mind about VAT and understands that it is only a variant that has been subtracted from its reality.

Loki on disney +: this theory that directly links the series to the infinity stones


In Episode 5, Loki’s different variants all wear a touch of green.

In episode 5, it is the green that dominates, a reference to that time. Loki then finds himself in the Void, at the end of all world, where time is not governed. He then meets his other variants, including a young Loki and an older Loki.

In episode 6, it is the blue which predominates (even if all the other hues appear at a given moment), a reference to the stone of space, the Tesseract. The latter allows you to create portals and cross the universe. In the series finale, we witness the creation of the multiverse and different nexuses, which allow people to move from one universe to another – which heralds the beginnings of an interdimensional war with Kang …

Loki on disney +: this theory that directly links the series to the infinity stones


If you look at episode 6, and especially the colors of the castle of the One Who Abides, then you will notice that blue is the dominant color.

It remains to be seen if Season 2 of Loki will explore this connection with the Infinity Stones in more depth or if it is just… fan service.

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