Loki on Disney +: is the Marvel series successful? Our opinions for and against

Marvel series successful: Loki, Marvel Studios’ third series on Disney + centred on the God of Mischief, did she convince the editors? Our opinions. Be careful, spoilers.

The third series from Marvel Studios on Disney +, Loki is already renewed for a second season. Did the first round of episodes centred on the God of Malice convince us?

Loki on disney +: is the marvel series successful? Our opinions for and against
Marvel series successful


It is not a frank and massive counter but rather an “I expected better”. I’m going to be totally honest, Loki isn’t a character I like and I totally missed out on the introspective side of the show: is he a good guy or a bad guy?

This is not what interests me. Especially since the scenario sweeps the subject too quickly and that in 6 episodes, the series does not have time to develop as many issues.

Loki on disney +: is the marvel series successful? Our opinions for and againstDisney +


Some will answer me that it allows to prepare the ground for phase 4 with the creation of the multiverse (even if we now think that it is perhaps Wanda who is at the origin) and the introduction of the next villain , Kang. Speaking of this character, the comic book neophyte that I am did not feel any excitement when discovering the character.

I sincerely wait for the next MCU movies to make us a villain of the same caliber as the awesome Thanos. WandaVision was a huge slap in the face for me: its way of dealing with mourning, the form that serves the substance, the performance of Elizabeth Olsen… it’s an organic series.

Where Loki offers you a disgusting green background (even if we underline the visual bias of Kate Herron on the bisexuality of the God of Malice), a cruel lack of chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino and a mechanical seen and review…

Loki on disney +: is the marvel series successful? Our opinions for and againstDisney +

We could expect better from this series centered on one of the oldest characters of the MCU but Disney + preferred to play on its capital of sympathy to make a production without real stakes, without spark and without excitement.

I’m looking forward to season 2 hoping for real links to the MCU and maybe the appearance of a Doctor Strange or a Scarlet Witch.

Chaïma Tounsi


After the incredible WandaVision, difficult to reach such a level of creativity, originality and sensitivity. While Loki is not free from flaws, she nevertheless succeeds in fulfilling her part of the contract: bringing the Multiverse into the MCU and laying the groundwork for Phase IV by explaining in a playful and clear way the complexity of temporality in this complex universe. .

It is undeniable that fans who have not seen the Marvel Studios series on Disney + will be missing certain details to understand the rest of the cinematic universe. I find that Loki allowed a fascinating and important dive into the TVA (Time Variance Authority) and the mythology of the Marvel universe.

Loki on disney +: is the marvel series successful? Our opinions for and againstDisney +

Impossible to introduce a major element of Phase IV without an iconic character from the MCU and the choice of mischievous Loki is perfect. Tom Hiddleston is still enjoying this role that sticks to his skin even if he can sometimes fall here and there in caricature. I forgive him so much he brings such sensitivity to this false villain who cannot escape examination of his conscience.

In this new adventure, the God of Mischief turns into an investigator with shock acolytes (Sophia Di Martino and Owen Wilson, excellent). This commitment to explore the genre of thriller in a world worthy of the best anticipation films, from Blade Runner to Brazil, within a Mad Men-style corporation is an excellent artistic choice on the part of director Kate Herron. and its teams.

Loki on disney +: is the marvel series successful? Our opinions for and againstDisney +

This is also one of the strong points of the series: the people who are in charge. Besides Kate Herron, we salute the scriptwriting work of Michael Waldron (Community, Rick and Morty) who brings a brilliant and enlightened touch on time travel, the Multiverse and cosmic phenomena.

In addition to the rich writing of the universe, the aesthetics of the series contribute to its success. Despite a rather messy episode 3 with rather ugly special effects, Loki as a whole benefits from a real visual identity that perfectly matches the personality of the God of Mischief.

While the series isn’t perfect, it nevertheless manages to breathe new life into a character much loved by fans and tie in with future Marvel productions, proving that the Disney + series play an important role in the MCU.

Megan Choquet

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