Loki on Disney +: Is the God of Mischief gender fluid? Showrunner responds, Tom Hiddleston delighted

The Loki series may well explore an aspect never addressed in the MCU, which is that the God of Mischief is gender fluid. AlloCiné was able to ask the question to Michael Waldron, the writing director of the Marvel Studios series.

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen the first two episodes of the Loki series before continuing to read this article.

If in the comics, Loki has the distinction of being non-binary and bisexual, as Odin indicates by calling him “his child who is neither his son nor his daughter”, Marvel Studios have never explored this aspect of the God of Mischief in the MCU. But the new Loki series, currently being broadcast on Disney +, could well finally address this subject.

Fans had already spotted a clue in the trailer for the series which ended up in the first episode where we see an interesting inscription on Loki’s file from the VAT (Time Variance Authority). In the “sex” box, it says “fluid” next to it, which would confirm the fact that the God of Malice is gender fluid and does not consider himself to be female or male or would oscillate between the two genders.

AlloCiné had the opportunity to speak with Michael Waldron, the writing director of the series, and was able to discuss this question with him. The screenwriter confirms the importance of this aspect of Loki in terms of representation and above all invites the audience to continue the series to find out more:

“I think the Loki you know is a character that a lot of people look to in terms of representation. And the whole creative team knew that was an important topic, at least it was important to us. thinks that as far as that particular aspect is concerned, it is best to experience it by watching the show and seeing how we translated that into the show. That will be the best way to experience it. “

Loki on disney +: is the god of mischief gender fluid? Showrunner responds, tom hiddleston delighted

Disney +

For his part, Tom Hiddleston said he “was really delighted” that Loki be asserted as being gender fluid in the series. Asked by Reuters, the British actor has rightly explained that the non-binarity of the God of Malice has “always been there in mythology, [et] in the comics “.

He went on to say that “Loki, as a character, has had such a broad and broad identity. He’s always been a character that you could never put in a box, that you could never pin down.”

Appointment is therefore made to find out more about this new Loki, which we recall is the 2012 version of the God of Mischief escaped from the timeline that we know from the MCU. Fans will have their questions answered in the rest of the series, the episodes of which are made available every Wednesday on Disney +.

It could be that this aspect translates into the other representations of Loki in the series, which would come from other timelines, like Lady Loki, camped by Sophia Di Martino, and introduced in the second episode, but also Old Man Loki, which should to be played by Richard E. Grant, and a Kid Loki, who is rumored to appear.

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