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Episode 2 of Loki uploaded yesterday to Disney + revealed the face of the variant sought by TVA. For many fans it is Lady Loki, the female version of the God of Mischief. Explanations (with spoilers!).

Warning, this article contains spoilers for episode 2 of Loki.

It wasn’t long before we discovered the identity of the variant that Mobius (Owen Wilson) and the other TVA members are chasing in Loki. The answer is given to us at the end of episode 2 posted online yesterday on Disney +: it is against all expectations a female version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

It didn’t take much for the fans to think it was Lady Loki. In the comics, the God of Mischief uses his shapeshifter abilities to change shape and assume the identity of a woman. The latter takes the opportunity to manipulate the Avengers.

Lady Loki or …

But in the Marvel Studios series, the treatment is slightly different since this character is not Loki at all, but a variant. This is a version from an alternate reality. She also wears a costume almost similar to that of the villain in Avengers, with its horns and golden inserts on the chest.


It is Sophia Di Martino who lends her features to the variant in Loki.

So did the writers really make her the Lady Loki of the MCU? One thing is certain, this character played by Sophia Di Martino is particularly important since at the origin of the creation of the multiverse when she sends bombs in the past.

… the Asgardian Enchantress?

According to other fans, this character could also hide that of the Enchantress, Amora a supervillain born in Asgard and who fought Thor and Odin. This magician has in particular the capacity to possess the body and the spirit of others (like well…). The latter may have taken on the appearance of a variant of Loki to attract his attention and help him complete his mysterious mission.

In the comics, she wears blonde hair, like the character in the series (while Lady Loki is brunette). Either way, it seems to have worked since at the end of Episode 2, the Asgardian God takes the Time Portal to join her.

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