Loki on Disney +: How was the Marvel Studios series inspired by the X-Men cartoon?

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“Loki” director Kate Herron has revealed that her love for the Marvel Universe was born with the “X-Men” animated series, also available on the Disney + platform.

Loki on disney +: how was the marvel studios series inspired by the x-men cartoon?
Marvel studios

It’s only a short step from Loki’s adventures to those of the X-Men. While it does not seem planned to make the famous mutant superheroes appear in the series dedicated to the god of mischief, a connection does exist between the two Marvel universes.

In a meeting Granted to the American YouTuber Trey Mangum, the director of the series Kate Herron (Sex Education) revealed that her love for the Marvel universe was born in the early 90s, during the broadcast of the animated series X-Men.

I discovered Marvel while watching the X-Men cartoon as a child. I was slightly obsessed with this series. I remember trying to turn one of my dolls into a Tornado and having her hair melted, I was still playing X-Men with my toys. I think I liked them because they were underdogs and I felt connected to them.

Long-time Marvel fan, Kate Herron blended perfectly into the universe of Loki, the Asgardian god embodied by Tom Hiddleston. “I discovered Loki through the Thor movies (…). I enjoyed his transition from villain to anti-hero and the emphasis on change and character maturity, and I also loved the performance of Tom “ she added during the same interview.

While the episodes of Loki airs every Wednesday exclusively on Disney Plus, the first two seasons of the animated series X-Men can also be found on the SVOD platform!

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