Loki on Disney +: how was Alligator Loki created?

Loki on Disney +: how was Alligator Loki created?

The most amazing variant of Loki in the Marvel Studios series on Disney + is hands down Alligator Loki. The production teams came back to the creation of this extraordinary character.

The appearance of Loki variants in the Marvel Studios series has had its effect on the public. Tom Hiddleston had indeed to confront Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Loki the swagger (DeObia Oparei), Loki child (Jack Veal) but also a crocodile!

Screenwriter Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty, Doctor Strange 2) explained to Marvel.com how he got the idea for Alligator Loki: “I just thought there should be an Alligator Loki. Why? It’s green, that’s why. It’s so stupid, but it also makes perfect sense.

Loki on disney +: how was alligator loki created?
How was alligator loki created

You almost have to take it seriously, like it is [un Loki]. Why shouldn’t Loki come in alligator form? He could come from a universe of alligators. It’s the kind of sarcastic stuff that we play with that audiences need to take seriously on the show. “

This unusual character was designed on a computer and the actors had to play with a blue plush toy while filming, as director Kate Herron revealed in a tweet:

Translation: Here’s one of the greatest divas and the most demanding actor I’ve ever had to work with, taking a break from his reign of terror to relax in his chair.

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In the episode of the Marvel Studios documentary series Gathering devoted to Loki and available on Disney +, the teams of the series take a look behind the scenes of the making and in particular the creation of Alligator Loki. Director Kate Herron had fun with this part of her work that pushed the limits of the imagination:

Translation: I sent a memo to the visual effects team asking them for an attractive alligator, with beautiful eyes. I was hallucinating wondering what kind of job I was doing!

How was alligator loki created
How was alligator loki created

Screenshot / Disney +

Visual effects supervisor on the series, Luke McDonald explained in the Marvel Studios episode Gathering how Alligator Loki was designed with special effects company ILM. [Industrial Light & Magic, créée par George Lucas et filiale de Lucasfilm, aujourd’hui propriété de la Walt Disney Company, ndlr] :

“The Alligator Loki was unique because you don’t always take into account the physical aspect of a real alligator. Like when you wear it. Wearing an alligator is very strange. Their spine bends in a certain way. We worked on this with ILM and they found one of the best references I’ve seen.

An alligator named Wally, it serves as a demonstration. He is incredible, we used him to create our alligator, according to this Wally. It can’t be ‘just an alligator’. We wanted him to have Loki’s cheeky smirk, that mischievous aspect. So we got as close as possible to reality. “

It’s safe to say that Alligator Loki surprised audiences and pleased Marvel fans. It remains to be seen if this variant of Loki will be back in season 2 of the series, which has already been announced.

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