Loki on Disney +: does Agent Carter really appear on the show?

Loki on Disney +: does Agent Carter really appear on the show

If she had to choose between Marvel and DC, she would choose the House of Ideas without hesitation. But her pleasure is second to none when she has to watch a Superman movie or a series about Jessica Jones. She is also always looking for easter eggs and hidden details …

Does Agent Carter appear in Episode 1 of the Disney + / Marvel series Loki? If the fans are still debating the subject, the showrunner prefers to kick in touch.

Loki on disney +: does agent carter really appear on the show?
Loki on disney +

You had to be careful not to miss any easter egg hidden in the latest production from Marvel studios for Disney + and after the broadcast of the first season, we can say that Loki has not yet delivered all his secrets. And there is still one running through our heads.

Little flashback: we are in episode 1, when our God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston) gets arrested by TVA and he discovers the locals while playing hide and seek with Mobius and his team. In one of the shots, two soldiers can be seen behind him surrounding a young brunette woman.

Loki on disney +
Loki on disney +

Does a variant of Peggy Carter appear in episode 1 of Loki?

Her outfit and her retro hair obviously make us think of Peggy Carter, agent of SHIELD and girlfriend of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Her dress could even be a nod to the one the heroine has already worn in her series (to see here).

If fans are split on this real / fake Agent Carter cameo (we’re voting for it!), Loki director Kate Herron can be counted on to NOT answer the question. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after the end of the series, she responds like this: “I would say… No, let this debate live!“.

If it is Peggy Carter (or an understudy one imagines), it would be more logically a variant which represents a danger for the sacred timeline. Let’s not forget that even if this character played by Hayley Atwell is dead at the time of playing Loki, she will play an important role in the animated series Marvel’s What if?, Due August 11 on Netflix.

It changes key events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and opens up a myriad of possibilities. And in one of these parallel universes, it’s Peggy Carter who wears the Captain America costume, as well as the starry shield…

So, do you think this is a variant of Peggy Carter?

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