Loki and Homeland stars investigate a legendary creature in The Essex Serpent…

After Loki, Tom Hiddleston is back in a TV series with a very different atmosphere from the Marvel show: The Essex Serpent, in which he gives the reply to Claire Danes and whose broadcast begins today on Apple TV+.

What is it about ?

Widow Cora Seaborne moves from London to Essex County to investigate a legendary snake. There, she forms an unexpected relationship with the village vicar, but when a tragedy occurs, the locals accuse her of having lured this creature into their home.

Two episodes of The Essex Serpent are available on Apple TV+ starting today, followed by one episode per week until Friday, June 10. Episodes seen: 2/6.

Who is it with?

After Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in WeCrashedElisabeth Moss and Jamie Bell in The Shining Girls or even Gary Oldman in Slow Horses, Apple TV+ continues to attract big names. The main roles of The Essex Serpent are thus bound by Claire Danesmulti-awarded for her performance in Homelandand Tom Hiddlestonalready back on the small screen after the success of Loki.

At their side we find Frank Dillane (Fear the Walking Dead), Hayley Squires (I, Daniel Blake), Jamael Westman (Anne Boleyn), Dixie Egerickx (The Secret Garden), Michael Jibson (1917), Lily-Rose Aslandogdu (The Alienist) and our Clémence Poésy national in the skin of the wife of the character of Tom Hiddleston.

Loki and homeland stars investigate a legendary creature in the essex serpent...

Well worth a look ?

Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Sarah Perry and published in 2016, The Essex Serpent takes viewers back to the Victorian era, as the world was changing at the dawn of the 20th century.

Set between bustling London where one of the characters is a renowned surgeon performing the first heart operation, and the small village of Aldwinter where the inhabitants are terrified of dealing with the devil personified in a sea monster, the series shows how where we live can impact our beliefs.

The heroine, Cora (Claire Danes), did not raise her son in the faith and prides herself on being a naturalist who believes in science. When, shortly after the death of her abusive husband, she hears of a legendary snake spotted in Essex County, she decides to abandon London social life to search for it, thinking it might be act of a prehistoric animal that has escaped evolution.

There, in the heart of landscapes as grandiose as they are desolate, she meets a pastor played by Tom Hiddleston, Will, with whom she will quickly forge a very strong bond, although their views on the world are not always in agreement.

Loki and homeland stars investigate a legendary creature in the essex serpent...

He, skeptical, does not believe in the arrival of a terrible beast and wishes to reassure his parishioners, while she insists on looking for proof of his presence or not, which will not be done without clashes in a village where the religion and superstitions die hard. Because if their pastor prefers to believe in a rational explanation for the premature death of a young girl, the villagers see it as confirmation of the presence of a monster to be captured.

In addition to the clash of cultures between the passionate Cora and her wind of modernity and the inhabitants of Aldwinter, the series promises to explore social inequalities in the capital through the socialist friend of the heroine, the advances in medicine thanks to to one of his suitors and, of course, the birth of feelings between Cora and Will, however married and father of a family. All carried by actors at the top and a licked aesthetic!

So, is a creature prowling the waters of Aldwinter well or is it just a general psychosis? Answer at the end of the 6 episodes of the series available on Apple TV+.

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