Logan Lucky on Netflix: Did you know the film was inspired by the life of Channing Tatum?

On the occasion of the three years since the release of Steven Soderbergh’s film, a look back at its original genesis, which has a link with the main actor of “Magic Mike”.

Logan lucky on netflix: did you know the film was inspired by the life of channing tatum?
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Released on October 25, 2017 and directed by the prolific Steven Soderbergh, Logan Lucky is a kind of anti-Ocean’s Eleven among the Rednecks. With Channing tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough and a peroxidized Daniel Craig in the cast, he recounts the project of two brothers from the Midwest to achieve the heist of the century: hijack the proceeds of the biggest car race of the year, with the help of the best safe-hold robber in the country. On condition of succeeding in getting him out of prison …

4th collaboration between Channing tatum and the director after Trapped, Magic mike and Side effects, Logan Lucky is inspired by the actor’s life, as revealed bya screenwriter Rebecca blunt : “I envisioned Jimmy Logan as an alternate version of Channing. Channing is from a small town in the South. He won a scholarship to become a professional footballer in Florida, but he damaged his knee just before the start of the season. season, and that’s how he became a stripper. (Magic mike also takes inspiration from Tatum’s stripper past, editor’s note.) So I was like, “What if, instead of stripping, Channing went home?” “I ran into him one evening at the bowling alley with his partner Reid, I pitched them the idea of ​​a heist made by crickets and Channing immediately said:” I love it! “

Steven Soderbergh also spoke to Allociné’s microphone on this subject in 2017: “[Rebecca] knew Channing got an American football scholarship and it didn’t work out in the end, and she wondered, “If Channing hadn’t become Channing, if he hadn’t gone to Tampa and been a stripper? for a year, if he hadn’t become a supermodel, what would he have become? What if he’d come home to Alabama and married his high school sweetheart?

Mixing this hypothetical side story of the actor with the fascination she had as a child with automatic banking services and their pneumatic tubes that carried money and with the collapse in the middle of the Charlotte motor racing circuit there is s several years due to soil erosion, the screenwriter has managed to concoct a heist film that is both singular and hilarious with relentless mechanics.

Logan Lucky is available on Netflix:

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