Dr. Connors, aka The Lizard, is forced to revert to his reptilian state after being injected with his old serum by Kraven. marvel’s spider man 2, This would be bad enough, but he’s the only person who knows the truth about the symbiote and potentially how to get it away from Peter. Before that can happen, you must track him down and inject him with the cure, and your quest begins at his home in Queens. While exploring Connors’ house, you discover that he built his own laboratory beneath it for his experiments. Naturally, he wanted to keep this secret and put a passcode on the entrance. There’s a small puzzle to uncover the code, and it’s not one you can skip. Here’s how to open a lab.

How to open lizard lab

Spider-Man is pressing keys on the tablet.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

After exploring Connors’ house and finding the panel in the laboratory, you will see a screen with four colored panels with one to four dots on each in sequence. Each one plays a note, so the code is asking you to find the right musical note. The clue here is the barn sticker in the upper right. If you’ve been to a child’s room upstairs, you may have heard Old MacDonald singing while interacting with a toy in the room. This is the tone you need to recreate. The correct order of pressing the keys is 4,4,4,1.

After pressing the code, the path to the lab will open and you can continue your search for the Lizard in hopes of returning it to its human form.

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