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21 years after its birth on paper, “Little vampire” arrives on the big screen with the first feature film dedicated to his adventures: a “monster film for children”, as its author and director Joann Sfar explains.

“I’ve been telling everyone for twenty years that I dream of making a monster movie”, explains Joann Sfar. “And, by chance, my first monster movie is a children’s movie.” But it is not just any, since it is Little Vampire, adaptation of his own comics published since 1999, and which had already been the subject of an animated series. The author and director evokes with us this passage on the big screen, conceived by taking inspiration from a whole section of horror cinema, but also from the way of Pixar and Ghibli of mixing animation and real subjects.

Journalist: Maximilien Pierrette – Editing: Philippe Pouzelgues

“Little vampire” has been in theaters since October 21:

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