Little Birds on StarzPlay: what is this series adapted from the erotic writings of Anaïs Nin?

Little birds on starzplay: what is this series adapted from the erotic writings of anaïs nin?

The StarzPlay streaming service will be broadcasting the series “Little Birds”, an adaptation of the erotic writings of the Franco-Cuban author Anaïs Nin, including Juno Temple and Jean-Marc Barr.


We disembark freshly from the transatlantic liner at the same time as New York heiress Lucy Savage ready for love and marriage in an exotic climate. But when her future husband Hugo does not welcome her as she imagined, she sets off on an adventure in the surprising and diverse world of Tangier in 1955. But it is not a period drama that follows an ingenuous in abroad.

Little Birds created by Sophia Al-Maria with Juno Temple – Available on StarzPlay (6 episodes)


Unpublished in France, the mini-series Little birds lands in France this Sunday, February 14 on the StarzPlay platform. Designed by the Qatari-American artist Sophia al-maria – known worldwide for her talents as a photographer and writer – the show is an adaptation of the erotic writings of the Franco-Cuban author Anaïs Nin. Died in 1977, the latter was one of the first women to publish erotic novels, particularly in the context of collections Venus Erotica, commissioned works that have become personal works.

“Because they represent the first efforts of a woman to talk about an area that had until then been reserved for men”, Anaïs Nin justifies the importance of these texts in the preface to the posthumous work, since it was released two years after the death of the novelist. Both adaptation and reinterpretation of the work, the series Little birds highlights the sulphurous nature of this news; to do so, the production of the six episodes of the program was entrusted to the filmmaker Stacie Passon, revealed by her film Concussion in 2013.

In the casting of this adaptation, we find Juno Temple in the main role of the series, that of a young woman heiress letting herself gradually be haunted by a game of seduction to escape her golden prison. Known for her film roles in Killer Joe and Kaboom, the British actress brings the necessary sensuality to this complex character of a woman in love with freedom. At his side, several faces well known to the French public such as Jean-Marc Barr and Rossy De Palma.

This international co-production, as erotic as it is aesthetic, can be found on StarzPlay from February 14.

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