Lisey’s story on Apple TV +: JJ Abrams explains why this series is special for Stephen King

New adaptation of a Stephen King novel by the master of horror himself, Lisey’s Story is very precious to him. JJ Abrams, who produces the miniseries, explains why.

There’s no shortage of Stephen King adaptations, but perhaps none of them are more personal to the writer than Apple TV +’s upcoming miniseries, Lisey’s Story. The series follows Lisey, played by Julianne Moore as her husband, an author (Clive Owen), recently passed away.

Lisey delves into traumatic memories of her past, and must face some realities her husband had obscured as a dangerous stalker (Dane DeHaan) lurks near her, obsessed with her husband’s work.

Stephen King wrote Lisey’s story after nearly dying from double pneumonia. Back home, he finds that his wife had cleaned up his office and started making decorating plans. At that moment, a strange feeling of emptiness led the author to believe that he might have died, and later this inspired him to imagine what life would have been like for his wife if he hadn’t. was no longer there.

When it came to adapting the novel for television in 2006, Stephen King approached JJ Abrams directly. “He explained to me that he wanted to write each episode himself, which was an incredible relief and opportunity because I knew no one else would do it better than the author of the book himself.“says the producer.

This is how Stephen King signed each episode himself and worked closely with Pablo Larraín who directed the series. “Watching Stephen and Pablo work together, finding a way to bring certain scenes to the screen when it seemed infeasible… that was part of the challenge. It was extraordinary to witness it.

The series can be discovered from June 4 on Apple TV +.

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