Like kids on M6: what is the new series worth, which replaces Scenes of households this summer…

From this evening, “Household Scenes” gives way to “Comme des kids”, a short series with Kevin Razy, Antonia de Rendinger, and François-David Cardonnel, which tells the chaotic cohabitation of parents of students and teachers of ‘a primary school.

What is it about ?

Between a clumsy and blundering director, an “old school” mistress, teachers with personal methods and parents of students ready to do anything for the apple of their eyes, the Paul Pédrault school is a giant playground. And the children in all this? They enjoy the show…

Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. on M6 from July 4

Who is it with?

Created by Beatrice Fournera and Gael Leforestier from the Dutch format Lice Mother launched in 2018 on the NPO3 channel, like kids features a host of faces more or less known to viewers – whether they come from television, cinema, or the stage – to interpret the colorful parents and teachers of this new series.

On the side of the teaching staff of the Paul Pédrault primary school which serves as the setting for the various episodes, Julien Pestelactor passed by the Palmashow and seen in the films The Crazy Story of Max and Leon and The starslends his features to director Jean-Yves Bresson, while comedians Antonia de Rendingera recurring figure on Friday, everything is permitted on TF1, Doully, Filipina DelaireWhere Lawrence Joseph complete the picture in particular in the role of teachers and school assistants of the establishment.

Opposite, M6 viewers will find, among other things, Francois-David Cardonnelseen recently in season 12 of Clem, Stephanie Crayencour (Chamois), Noémie Chicheportiche (Glue), Stephane Debac (Red Wristbands), and comedian Kevin Razy in the shoes of the parents of students ready to do anything for the children. Even if it means making teachers’ lives hell.

Like kids on m6: what is the new series worth, which replaces scenes of households this summer…
Stéphane KERRAD / M6

Well worth a look ?

Cafe Camera, Kaamelottor Scenes of households have proved it: short humor programs have been doing quite (very) well at M6 for the past twenty years. Ten years after the arrival on the air ofWith family – which will be a little late this summer – the channel is betting on launching a new short fiction this evening. In the hope of imposing it too on viewers and making it a new lasting success.

Through 300 episodes of 3 minutes and a half which will be offered from Monday to Friday for the next four weeks, Comme des gosses, produced by Herve Bellech (Hero Corp, gold of him) for Calt Story, immerses us in the daily life of a primary school, emphasizing the forced and chaotic cohabitation between the parents of pupils, more or less involved in the education of their children, and the members of the educational team, all kindly sociopaths.

The ten sketches that we were able to see in preview immediately put us in the atmosphere of this giant “playground” where the most unmanageable are not necessarily the children. If the valves do not fly by the minute and if the humor is perhaps less striking than that of Le Kervelec in En Famille, Comme des gosses has a big strong point: its very well drawn characters who, while coming out of the ordinary, inevitably remind us of teachers or parents that we have all known.

Like kids on m6: what is the new series worth, which replaces scenes of households this summer…
Stéphane KERRAD / M6

Whether it’s Lucie (Antonia de Rendinger), CP mistress with somewhat dated methods, Jacky (Doully), her completely punk and outrageous CE1 counterpart, Monsieur Bresson (Julien Pestel), clumsy director and not frankly adored by everyone, or the duo of school assistants Fatou-Zoé who sparkles, the heroes of Comme des gosses quickly prove to be endearing and owe a lot to the talent of their performers.

As often in this kind of fiction, the sketches are obviously uneven, but the whole still manages to give us a smile in all circumstances. Even to make us laugh frankly when Jacky plays it Captain Marleau and launches “How are you, my little ass?” to his young students. Or when parents take the place of their children at the school party and compete against each other in a sack race.

Despite a few minor flaws, and parents who are sometimes less prominent than the teachers at this school where you never get bored, Comme des gosses stands out as a nice surprise. Who manages to address important and more topical social issues with humor – such as homoparenthood or ordinary racism with the couple Yoann and Arthur, parents of a little girl of Vietnamese origin.

Much more successful than the very average Pep’s, broadcast from 2013 to 2015 on TF1, the new series of M6 therefore serves as a small bubble of freshness at the start of summer. And we can only hope that it will find its audience, yet accustomed to the antics of parents, children, and grandchildren of En Famille at this time of year. Because the authors already have ideas for a possible season 2.

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