Like Kids: a new short fiction replaces Scenes of households this summer on M6 -…

Parents of neurotic pupils and members of the crazy teaching staff clash in the new short fiction of M6, broadcast every evening from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. from July 5.

Like Kids a new short fiction replaces Scenes of households
Calt Story/M6

Cafe Camera, Kaamelott, Scenes of households or With family : M6 has made shortcoms its true trademark in terms of fiction. In this tradition, the channel will offer a brand new daily series this summer, like kidspresented as a short sketch program immersing viewers in the daily life of a primary school.

Between a clumsy and blundering director, an “old school” mistress, teachers with very personal methods and parents of students ready to do anything for the apple of their eye… Over the pastilles of 3 minutes 30, the series follows “the forced and chaotic cohabitation between the parents of students more or less involved in the education of their children and the members of the educational team, all kindly sociopaths” the channel said in a statement.

Through the prism of the school, Comme des Gosses promises to address various social issues – from ordinary racism to homosexuality, naturally passing through education – with a tone “willfully transgressive” but with “finesse, humor and kindnessto his characters.

The series is adapted from the Dutch format From Luizenmoeder (Lice Mother) created by Jan Albert de Weerd and broadcast in 2018, which became a real public success in the Netherlands by achieving a historic audience record on the NP03 television channel.

When [le producteur] Hervé Bellech showed us the original Dutch program, we were immediately thrilled by the humanity that emanates from it, the finesse of its characters, and the capacity of this series to approach serious subjects with lightness, in an arena , the school, which represents a true mirror of society“, explains the screenwriter Beatrice Fournera (Parents Instructions).

Transposing the plot to France, which she adapts with the screenwriter and director Gael Leforestier (Soda), she explains that she broke away from the point of view of the “newbie mother” of the original series to adopt a more choral score with multiple points of view.

The short program, ‘French speciality’, is a brilliant format for bringing characters into existence by small touches, and finally painting a deep portrait of them with subtlety.” she points out. To respect the naturalistic aspect of the original series, the French adaptation was also shot in a natural setting, “in an old school building near a real primary school“adds the director.

In the cast, the series brings together many talents from comedy and web series, such as Julien Pestel (bellboy), Antonia de Rendinger (Caesar Wagner), Doully (At the same time), Lawrence Joseph, Alexandre Blazy (Emma Bovary) Filipina Delaire, Patrick of Valetta (HP), Stephanie Crayencour (The Chamois), Stephane Debac (Funny), Kevin Razy, Sebastien Pierre, Jonathan Darona, Elodie Lice (Or from him), Noémie Chicheportiche (Clem) or Francois-David Cardonnel who promises to turn moms’ heads as a dark widower.

Comme des Gosses will take over Scènes de Ménages this summer from Monday July 4, before M6’s flagship shortcom returns in September.

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