Like Harry Potter, these sagas did not have an Oscar

Like Harry Potter, these sagas did not have an Oscar

Harry Potter isn’t the only major movie franchise that hasn’t won an Oscar despite sometimes flawless special effects, music, and editing. Discover these remarkable sagas which have no statuette.

Although increasing the chances of obtaining rewards by offering several films around the same universe, sagas and blockbusters sometimes go completely under the radar of the Academy, as evidenced by the list above, rich in franchises. completely snubbed by the Oscars.

Harry Potter (8 films)

Warner Bros.

In eight films, the Harry Potter saga has never won a single Academy statuette. Fantastic Beasts broke the curse as Colleen Atwood won Best Costume Design for the first installment of the spin-off.

X-Men (13 movies)

Twentieth Century Fox

No Oscar for the original trilogy, none for the “Beginning” tetralogy, nor for Deadpool 2, The New Mutants or Wolverine’s solo adventures.

Ghostbusters (3 films)

Warner columbia

Whether it’s the 2016 reboot or the two ’80s movies, neither has received an Oscar. The upcoming release of Ghostbusters: Will Legacy fix it?

Die Hard (5 films)

Twentieth Century Fox

Despite the 4 nominations for the first film (Best Editing, Sound, Sound and Visual Effects) and four other feature films focused on his adventures, the John McClane franchise never had a statuette. It joins other action franchises like the 5 Rambo, the Predator movies or the Expendables.

Fast & Furious (9 movies)

Universal Pictures

After eight films released and a spin-off (Hobbs & Shaw), the saga carried by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez failed to obtain a single Oscar, despite the hopes of its actor-producer. Two opus are still planned to try to reverse the trend.

The Hobbit (3 films)

Warner Bros.

While Return of the King from The Lord of the Rings had garnered 11 Oscars, the entire trilogy had no statuette.

Planet of the Apes (3 films)

Twentieth Century Fox

Rupert Wyatt and Matt Reeves’ trilogy never won a statuette, despite the intensive and effective use of performance capture, as well as the talent of Andy Serkis (César) and Terry Notary (choreographer of simian movements), among others.

Mission: Impossible (6 films)

Paramount Pictures

Hard to believe despite the physical intensity of Tom Cruise and the ever more devious scenarios offered by the saga, but no episode of the franchise has been rewarded.

Transformers (6 films)

Paramount Pictures

One would have imagined that thanks to its debauchery of special effects, the saga of Michael Bay Transformers would one day find itself endowed with an Oscar, but at the time of these lines, it is still not the case. Other giant creatures franchises are in the same situation, like the Monsterverse movies (Godzilla or Kong) or the two Pacific Rim.

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