Like Gina Carano (The Mandalorian), these stars have been fired from their series

While actress Gina Carano has just been fired from “The Mandalorian” because of comments made on social networks, focus on these other stars who have been thanked for their series. (With Jean-Maxime Renault)

Like gina carano (the mandalorian), these stars have been fired from their series


After the publication of several controversial messages on social networks, including comments deemed transphobic, American actress Gina Carano was fired by Lucasfilm from the Star Wars series to which she was attached. The 38-year-old American will no longer play her character of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian and will not appear in the credits of Rangers of The New Republic either, the spin-off she was supposed to star.


A brief reference … but very real! In July 2004, when the filming of season 5 of Experts was due to begin, the interpreters of Sarah Sidle and Nick Stokes – who then wanted to be increased – did not go to the sets. Refusing to give in to these supposedly too exaggerated wage demands, the CBS network then decides to get rid of the two actors! Jorja Fox was first thanked for not responding to a letter asking if she was going to show up at the set. As for George Eads, he was fired the next day for breach of contract.

A week later – and as everyone now knows – everything was sorted out and the two actors returned to the ranks of Experts … A return under still suspect conditions. According to the network, the significant increase they were asking for was not granted and according to the actors, all this is just a huge misunderstanding.


In the space of a week, Kevin Spacey became “persona non grata” in Hollywood, along with producer Harvey Weinstein. The one whose career has found a second wind thanks to the House of Cards series, where he played the hideous President of the United States Frank Underwood capable of the worst low blows to achieve his ends, was accused in 2017 by the comedian Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery) for wanting to force him into non-consensual sex thirty years ago when he was only 14 years old.

The day after the revelations, Netflix announces the end of the House of Cards series at the end of season 6, but the American media are quick to clarify that the decision had already been taken long before this case. A few days after Anthony Rapp’s testimony, several employees of the series in turn accuse the actor of sexual harassment at the microphone of the CNN site. These eight people wished to remain anonymous for fear of their jobs. Kevin Spacey will then be left out of the House of Cards series, with production from the final season continuing without him.


From 1996 to 2002, Lisa Nicole Carson had plenty to be happy about! In addition to her role in the hit series Ally McBeal (she played Renée Raddick, Ally’s roommate), the actress played in around thirty episodes of Emergencies in five years (she played Carla Simmons, Benton’s friend). In 2001, she was first fired from Emergency because of her unmanageable behavior: she arrived late on the set, sometimes drunk or drugged. She was also particularly unpleasant and increased mood swings. The following year, she was fired from Ally McBeal for the same reasons. She has since retired from public life to treat her schizophrenia.


On August 11, 2016, Thomas Gibson, who plays Agent Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner since the very first episode of Criminal Minds in 2005, was suspended from the shooting of season 12 following an altercation with a member of the crew. Unhappy with a creative aspect of the episode he was filming (and that he was directing, according to some sources), Gibson would indeed have struck a screenwriter, also an executive producer on the show. CBS and ABC Studios then announced that the comedian was suspended for two episodes, but it was only the beginning of an affair that would mark the history of the series (which has already experienced many turmoil in behind the scenes, like the departure of Mandy Patinkin in 2007).

The next day, we learn that Thomas Gibson is finally fired from Experts and that his character will probably only appear in the first two episodes, already in the box, of season 12. No clues, however, on how Hotch will be removed from the plot. What is certain is that Gibson is paying the consequences of his behavior on the set since it is not his first misbehavior. Several years ago, he would have already “pushed” an assistant and thus been forced by the production to take anger management courses.

Other stars fired from their series to discover here!


In April 2016, thunderclap for all fans of the Beckett and Castle duo! After eight seasons of loyal service, Castle’s female star Stana Katic is dismissed by ABC. In a funny way, since the chain simply does not offer him to return for a possible season 9 while his sidekick, Nathan Fillion, is in advanced negotiations. Argument put forward by the channel: budgetary restrictions. Because for the series to continue, its costs must be drastically reduced. If season 9 there is, it will therefore be without the female star of the show. And all this is ultimately not very surprising since, unofficially, it has been whispered for years that the two stars of Castle do not get along. Perhaps Stana Katic’s whims got the better of her then.

In May, ABC finally decided to cancel the series at the end of its season 8, giving early fans a happy ending to the adventures of the detective novelist and his wife police officer (a sequel to the series, without Katic, probably would have seen Beckett die during the final cliffhanger of season 8 in order to explain his absence). All’s well that ends well, and we therefore escaped a season 9 which, without one of its stars, did not appeal to many people …


The Charlie Sheen affair will have been the media soap opera of the year 2011. The excesses of the actor, his too drunken evenings in the company of porn stars, the marital unpacking in the “people” columns, will have been fatal to the highest paid actor of American television.

On the radio, on television, on the internet, Charlie Sheen makes questionable, incoherent comments, insulting Chuck Lorre, creator and producer of My Uncle Charlie. CBS and Warner Bros. Television then announced in a brief press release that the decision was taken to stop production of the series for the remainder of the season. A few weeks later, a new press release falls, and it hurts: Charlie Sheen is fired from the show with immediate effect. The actor retaliates immediately by initiating legal proceedings. Meanwhile, he’s replaced by headlining Ashton Kutcher.


In the middle of season 6 of the Arnold and Willy series, the late Dana Plato becomes pregnant. She briefs the producers and offers them to include her pregnancy in the plot of the series. The sitcom’s creative team pretends to agree at first … then makes the decision to fire her outright! Fans learn that Kim (Virginia in French), his character, moved to Paris for a few years. Fortunately, all is not (completely) finished, Dana Plato reappearing here and there …


In 1998, after 16 episodes of Beverly Hills, the character of Carly Reynolds leaves California and her lover Steve to return to Montana … But why does the production decide to separate from the one who would win some time two Oscars for Best Actress later, when she signed a two-year contract? To tell the truth, Hilary Swank never had a real answer to this question … At the time, she was just told that “it was not working”.

This episode deeply marked the actress who, on numerous occasions, confessed to having lost her self-confidence by constantly saying to herself: “I’m not good enough to star in Season 8 of Beverly Hills! What does that say about me? In fact, it taught me a big lesson in the importance of keeping faith in your destiny, since four months later I was cast in Boys Don’t Cry and I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been fired. “


In 2003, the team at The Practice canned the last episodes of season 7 … believing that they were also the last episodes of the series. The falling audiences have indeed condemned the David E. Kelley show. But, at the last minute, a miracle happened: ABC ordered an 8th season. A miracle that will require sacrifices …

In exchange for an 8th and final season, the network indeed asks Kelley to reduce the cost of the series. The first victims of these budget cuts are, as always, the actors, and first of all the oldest, those with the highest salaries. In the case of The Practice, the cuts will be bloody: it is not 1, 2 or 3 actors who are asked to take the door … but 6 at once! They are replaced by a headliner (James Spader, who will then take the reins of the spin-off, Boston Justice) and by some well-chosen supporting roles (Ron Livingston, Rhona Mitra …).

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