Lightning strikes Jersey Shore lifeguards, injures 7 Others

Lightning strikes Jersey Shore lifeguards, injures 7 Others.

Authorities said that lightning killed a young lifeguard, and seven others, including three lifeguards, were hurt when lightning struck a Jersey Shore beach Monday afternoon. 

According to CBS New York, the victim was 19-year-old Keith Pinto, a lifeguard in Berkeley Township.

This was the second death in less than a week of a Jersey Shore lifeguard.

It was almost as if a bomb had gone off,” Vince Ruffolo, a visitor from Wisconsin, said to CBS New York.

Ruffolo stated that he was about 15 feet away from six of his friends when the lightning strike struck.

Lightning strikes jersey shore lifeguards
Lightning strikes jersey shore lifeguards. Image cbs philly

Ruffolo stated, “Next thing you’ll know, one of our colleagues sees the young man fall from the chair, off of the lifeguard and then there were people trying to help him.”

Michael Mastronardy, Ocean County Sheriff, said that the injuries sustained by the other victims were not life-threatening.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the young lifeguard who was killed in today’s lightning strike at Berkeley Township Beach. We pray for their recovery.” New Jersey Governor. Phil Murphy posted the following tweet. “I spoke to Mayor Carmen Amato and offered my full support and assistance during this difficult time.”

Amato stated that his township’s beaches would be closed from Tuesday to Thursday, while crisis counsellors will be available for beach staff and lifeguards. Four were lifeguards, while four were beachgoers.

Amato released a statement saying that “this is a tragic, heartbreaking day for the whole Jersey Shore.” “This young man was always there protecting lives. Like many lifeguard teams along the shore, our lifeguard teams form special relationships with the community during the summer. This makes the loss even more devastating.

He said, “On behalf of myself and the entire community, we offer our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family members and friends of this young boy.”

A note handwritten in purple ink was left Monday night with flowers at the base of the lifeguard stand on the beach.

The note stated that “We were at the beach today and are grateful to you for keeping us safe at sea,” We are sorry for your loss.

At 4:31 p.m., police were called to a beach near 21st Avenue in Berkeley Township. This is right south of Seaside Park.

Pete Tortorelli was working at an outdoor bar just a block from the beach when lightning struck.

He said, “It looked a bit cloudy in one direction, but it was clear in the other.” “Literally, two minutes after seeing the lightning, every police car in the town was screaming down Main Street.”

Thomas Taberoni, who was 100 meters (90 m) from the beachfront lifeguard stand, noticed that the weather was cloudy, and he heard the loudest sound he’d ever heard.

“Have any of you ever been to an aerial show where they broke the sound barrier with a boom? You weren’t prepared?” He asked. “This was 100 times louder than this.”

Lynda McHugh was leaving the beach when two huge bolts of lightning struck her. People ran up and down the wooden steps to safety within minutes.

In a Facebook posting, police stated that they are investigating reports of lightning strikes within the township and will release additional information as it becomes available.

A day after an accident at Cape May, New Jersey’s southern tip, Norman Inferrera III, 16-year-old Lifeguard, died on Aug. 20. Authorities said that he was knocked unconscious by the wave hitting his lifeboat.

A 13-year old boy was killed when lightning struck Orchard Beach in New York City on August 12. Carlos Ramos was among a group of people who were struck by lightning in a fast-moving storm. The lightning strike also injured six other people.

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