Life in Light on Disney +: Discover what happened to the Shepherdess from Toy Story

Life in Light on Disney +: Discover what happened to the Shepherdess from Toy Story

Discover what happened to the Shepherdess from Toy Story

How could the Shepherdess have ended up in the children’s park where Woody found her in “Toy Story 4”? To find out, discover the adventures of this luminous heroine in the short film “Life in Light”, available on Disney +.

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Since the release of Toy Story 4 in June last year, we now know how the Shepherdess in love with Woody in the first two games of the Pixar saga was separated from Andy’s toys. We also learned how she ended up finding her cowboy friend, by accidentally stumbling upon him in a kindergarten, near an old antique shop. But what we don’t know is what happened in the meantime? What could the life of the Shepherdess have looked like during all these years?

Even if some of his replicas in Toy Story 4 still offered us some clues to his existence far from Andy’s room, we were – for the moment – well obliged to imagine the rest. This is where La Vie en lumière comes in, an excellent short film available on Disney + since the launch of the platform, which will give you absolutely all the answers to your questions about the Shepherdess. And the least we can say is that you are far from imagining everything that happened to him. But we will spare you the details here to let you discover it all for yourself.

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Directed by Valerie Lapointe, this film with a total duration of 7 minutes succeeds above all the feat of proposing (again) a new and original angle on what the life of a toy may well be – something that we could have think impossible with 4 feature films and several short Toy Story already full. And yet, the Pixar studios once again manage to reinvent themselves within a theme that has accompanied them since their very first animated steps.

In just a few minutes, La Vie en lumière manages to bring together the ingredients that have made the studio’s success for many years. Humor, adventure, originality, emotion, without forgetting the culture of the easter egg. Here, you may therefore see a box of take-out noodles already present in 1001 Pattes, in Monstres et Cie or in Les Indestructibles.

In short, beyond the simple spin-off at Toy Story 4, Life in light is a tasty surprise to taste without waiting!

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