Lies: The new TF1 series with Audrey Fleurot and Arnaud Ducret already available on Salto

Cradled from childhood to the rhythm of Sous le soleil, PJ, or the summer sagas, he became more and more passionate about French series over time. And today devours them (almost) all, from Balthazar to Scenes of households, passing by Hippocrates, Candice Renoir, Here everything begins.

“Mensonges”, the French adaptation of the series “Liar”, will be broadcast on TF1 soon but is already available in preview on Salto. A breathtaking thriller starring Audrey Fleurot, Arnaud Ducret, Alice David, and Lionnel Astier.

Lies: the new tf1 series with audrey fleurot and arnaud ducret already available on salto
Audrey fleurot and arnaud ducret

After the phenomenal success of HPI in the spring, Audrey Fleurot should once again create a stir in the fall on TF1 with Mensonges, a new series in which she is the heroine against Arnaud Ducret. And which is already available today on the Salto streaming platform, several weeks before its launch on the front page.

Written by Alexandra Julhiet (The Day I Burned My Heart, Candice Renoir) and Laurent Vignon (Tandem, HPI), Lies is the adaptation of British thriller Liar: The Night of Lies, which had two seasons across the Channel between 2017 and 2020 with Ioan Gruffudd (Forever) and Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) in the lead roles, and was broadcast in France on TF1.

Composed of six 52-minute episodes, Mensonges tells the story of Thomas, a renowned surgeon who decides to offer an appointment to Jeanne, a newly single professor and sister of one of her colleagues. The evening seems to be going wonderfully. However, in the early hours of the morning, Jeanne claims to have been raped. Thomas, surprised by these accusations, proclaims his innocence. Which of the two is lying? Then begins a face-to-face where neither of the two seems ready to let go.

Lies: the new tf1 series with audrey fleurot and arnaud ducret already available on saltoFELICITA FILMS / TF1 – MMXXI

With its subject more topical than ever, while one in three women is a victim of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime and the victims’ words are still too often questioned, Mensonges pushes viewers to question themselves. and wondering if there are really always two versions of the same story.

Dark, panting, and sometimes quite harsh in its words, Lies should easily manage to grab Salto subscribers and TF1 viewers at the start of the school year. Especially since the series directed by Stéphanie Murat and Lionel Bailliu can count on a cast of choice.

Alongside Audrey Fleurot and Arnaud Ducret, who therefore lend their features to Jeanne and Thomas, Alice David, Olivia Côte, Lionnel Astier, Amaury de Crayencour, Cyril Gueï, Lionel Abelanski, Aurore Clément, or Raphaël Kahn (Demain belongs to us) complete the cast of this must-see thriller.

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