LG’s Latest Air Purifier Performs Double Duty As Side Table

Presenting its new air purifier – PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture, LG has yet again dipped its toes in appliances other than television and radio. The South Korean company has unveiled a beautiful-looking air purifier that is set to be showcased at IFA 2022.

I was thoroughly impressed by LG PuriCare Aero Tower and its 3-tier functionality of heater, air purifier and fan in one, which the company introduced last year. If you found its design weird, brace yourself for another obnoxious design that looks more like a table and less like air purifier, though it functions like one.

Boasting advanced air purification technologies, the LG’s latest air purifier truly blurs the line between form and functionality. Spotlighting a convenient and customizable design, LG’s latest creation includes many user-friendly features. However, the talk of the town is its table-type design which is receiving a lot of hype. The air purifier is more or less an amalgamation of furniture, offering a design that can be tailored to meet individual preferences.

Relatively small in size, the air purifier features a cylindrical base and a flat or track top. Elegant and compact, the air purifier is ideal for small spaces. Mostly suited for bedroom and living, the users are free to pick the colors (Crème Rose, Crème Yellow to Crème Grey) for the base that matches with their home interior. It will indeed add decor value to your home and allow you to enjoy fresh air inside.

The top functionalities of the Aero Furniture air purifier include 360-degree air purification. A big thanks to the multi-stage filtration, which combines LG’s ultra-fine filter, dust collector filter and deodorization filter together to improve indoor air quality. It also utilizes UVnano technology that reduces the presence of viruses and bacteria on and around the Aero Furniture’s fan blades by up to 99.99-percent, as per the company.

The air purifier is designed to serve as furniture. It provides space to store household items or display decorative objects. The air purifier further integrates a number of control options on its underside. The user can even control the airflow modes and mood lighting features. There are also a series of small indicators that keep you updated on Wi-Fi connectivity and air quality.

In case your phone battery runs low, the Aero Furniture air purifier easily charges your smartphone and wireless ear buds via the built-in wireless charger. Thanks to the LG ThinQ mobile app – you can control it easily with the touch of a finger.

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Designed with sustainability in mind, the LG Aero Furniture air purifier is made using reusable plastic harvested from old appliances and electronics products. LG will be the launching limited-edition versions of its new air purifier in the near future.

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