LG Mycup Tumbler Washer Aims to Reduce Disposable Cup Waste

In a bid to revolutionize the way we care for our tumblers, LG Electronics unveiled its groundbreaking innovation the LG mycup. This cutting-edge tumbler washer incorporates state-of-the-art technology to elevate daily hygiene practices while embracing LG’s commitment to environmental sustainability. With an increasing number of eco-conscious consumers adopting reusable cups, LG Mycup simplifies the cleaning process, encouraging the regular use of sustainable alternatives.

LG Mycup introduces a practical and efficient way to clean tumblers one at a time. Users can easily place their tumbler inside the washer and select from two cleaning courses – Quick Wash and Extra Wash – using the dedicated LG Mycup app. The upper display panel provides a convenient visual representation of the cleaning process, allowing users to check the wash status. Additionally, an app notification is sent when the cleaning cycle is complete.

Both cleaning courses utilize 65 degree Celsius hot water cycle, guaranteeing thorough and sanitary cleaning. The Quick Wash course, employing innovative bubble jet technology, efficiently cleans the inside of the tumbler in just 30 seconds. For more stubborn residues like dairy, the Extra Wash course utilizes an integrated air-drying design with a multi-directional water jet and powerful hot air, ensuring a thorough cleaning and gentle drying process.

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LG Mycup is designed to maximize space utilization without compromising performance. Its slim and compact design makes it ideal for various environments, ranging from trendy cafes to busy offices and educational institutions. The washer’s simple yet modern design seamlessly integrates into any interior, combining functionality and aesthetics for a versatile appearance.

As part of LG’s ESG commitment – Better Life for All – the Mycup tumbler washer incorporates eco-conscious technologies from LG dishwashers to save water. LG’s Bubble-Jet technology significantly reduces water usage while maintaining exceptional cleanliness standards. Beyond water conservation, LG Mycup aims to promote a low-carbon lifestyle by encouraging more people to use tumblers, contributing to the reduction of disposable cup waste.

LG Mycup
Image: PR Newswire
LG Mycup
Image: LG

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