Let Your Cat Perch on This Best-Selling Cat Shelf on Etsy

RshPets is a small-scale Ukrainian company holding expertise in making pet accessories, especially cat furniture. One of its popular creations is a wall-mounted shelf bed for big cats which has made the company a star seller on Etsy. The reason why the furniture piece is getting a lot of positive feedback is its simple yet alluring design. Completely handmade, these shelf cat beds are made of birch plywood impregnated with environmentally friendly oil.

Measuring 21-inches in length and 14-inches in width, the cat shelf is thick to an extent that it can support two big cats at a time. It’s easy to fix the shelf against the wall and won’t be much of a hassle. Anchors and screws come included with the shelf. The manufacturer also offers fasteners for brick or concrete walls, making it easier for you to attach them to the wall.

Despite dozens of orders getting canceled amid war and production getting blocked, RshPets somehow managed to sustain their business and started operating from Poland. It is commendable how they have successfully managed to promote their products and are now leading Etsy seller.

Available in dark and light colors, the cat shelf comes with a pillow available in two color choices (beige and gray). Overall, the shelf is well-made, looks cute and the cushion makes a comfy seat for furry companions. Even the customers have a lot of positives to say about these cat shelf beds.

“This is my second order from RshPets. I originally bought my cat a feeding station and loved it so much that I purchased a bed to go along with it. My cat is so happy, it’s where she spends the majority of her day,” said Alexa Duffy in the review section on Etsy. Another customer by the username Hannah G commented, “I love this cat bed! Great craftsmanship and the bedding is so soft.”

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With so much love pouring in for the cat shelf, no doubt it’s a hot favorite for the cat parents at the moment. The shelf size is suitable for big-size cats with the likes of Maine Coons, Savannahs, Ragamuffins, Ragdolls, and many more. Available for $81 on Etsy, the wall shelf cat bed will be a bodacious addition to your home.

Cat shelf by RshPets
Image: RshPets
Cat bed by RshPets
Image: RshPets
Cat shelf bed on the wall
Image: RshPets
Cat shelf by RshPets doubles as bed
Image: RshPets
Cat shelf bed by RshPets
Image: RshPets

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