Les Tuche 4: is a 5th film planned?

The Tuche family has just arrived at the cinema for the 4th time! But will we see Jeff and his band again in a potential 5th opus? Olivier Baroux answers!

Released on December 8, Les Tuche 4 has already attracted nearly 200,000 spectators for its first day of operation! The comedy therefore flies to success, just like the previous opus. In all, the saga has gathered 11.7 million fans.


Will this triumph encourage director Olivier Baroux to come back to work for a 5th film? “We found an idea that we like, which is crazy, completely crazy. We asked the whole team if the desire was there, we told the story to the actors, they did ok, let’s go! “, entrusted the filmmaker to the microphone of BFM TV on November 27th.

The director seems confident, even announcing dates: “And so we set ourselves: spring 2023 shoot, February 2024 release”, he assured. Asked by Leisure TV last December 6, he confessed his wish to make Tuche a franchise as long as Star Wars:

“It’s unique to have a family saga that comes back every three years and moves with the times. It would be a shame to stop. For Star Wars, they went well to 12 films, so I don’t see why we would not go as far as them! As long as we have ideas and health, we will make Tuche films “, did he declare.

After Les Tuche in America, at the Elysee Palace and in a Christmas story, what story can they embark on now? “It’s a sensitive matter and I keep it a secret until the script is written… Otherwise, I’ll get hit! But I have an idea that seems crazy to me, we’ll see if it holds up. With these characters, I have the chance to do whatever I want and, for a director, it’s very cool “, indicates Olivier Baroux.


On the other hand, no chance of seeing Jeff Tuche and his gang eating fries in space or other pranks like this: “We will never make history like that. We will always try to find something original without sending the Tuche to the other side of the universe or putting them in a twisted situation. We will always talk about them, about their family and how they feel about society. I hope Jeff will be himself, and even though he struggles to understand the world, that he will change. “, specifies the director.

At the microphone of AlloCiné, Jean-Paul Rouve however tempers the words of Olivier Baroux: “Be careful, it is not because we have an idea that we will have a film. An idea, you have to work on it. Sometimes, you can realize by developing, by working, that it does not hold water. road on a film. So it’s still very fragile. “


Anyway, Olivier Baroux plans to pass the baton to another director in the future, who may be able to inject new blood into the saga:

“Probably for the sixth installment. I don’t have a specific name to give yet. I’m afraid to make the film too many, and it’s good to renew with a younger director. And I mean younger, because if he’s older, I don’t agree! This person will have to bring something else. In any case, I’ll still be writing, that seems logical to me “, he adds to the microphone of Télé Loisirs.

“In the new generation, I adore Tarek Boudali and the Philippe Lacheau gang. They are not afraid of anything. I like the friendship that binds them, their troop side, their loyalty. Each in turn, they do their thing. film and help each other… It’s a hit too! “, he finally concludes, referring to the young comedians who he likes at the moment.

Les Tuche 4 has been in theaters since December 8.

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