Les Tuche 4: Covid, rewrites, postponements … Several challenges to face!

“Les Tuche 4”, postponed for a year due to the closure of cinemas and the sanitary context, has multiplied the tests before finalizing its production. While waiting for its release for Christmas 2021, we take stock of this fourth part.

Life has not been a long quiet river for the Tuche family to arrive in this highly anticipated fourth installment of the saga! The team of the film composed of Olivier Baroux in the direction, also in the co-writing with Philippe Mechelen, Julien Hervé, Nessim Chikhaoui and Jean-Paul Rouve, indeed saw the tests follow one another, of its phase of writing at its release, which had to be postponed for a year, from Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2021.

If the idea of ​​setting the plot of the film at Christmas quickly gained unanimity, the “galleys“began at the start of the writing.” We had given ourselves a framework from the start, that of Christmas “, situates Olivier Baroux, in the columns of our colleagues of First. Frankly, the director of the saga from its origin adds: “we struggled a lot, a lot. Really. It was long and complicated. But fortunately besides, because if it was easy, I think that we would perhaps stop. So we wrote a V1, then a V2… We started over, rewrote… But in the end, we are very proud of it.. ”

Filming interrupted by confinement in March 2020

After this complicated departure, the team was not at the end of its surprises since – like many films whose shooting took place in the winter of 2020 – the shooting had to be abruptly stopped in reason for confinement. “We said goodbye on Friday evening thinking we would see each other again on Monday, and Sunday the email was leaving to say that everything was stopping, recalls Olivier Baroux in an article in World, published at the start of the March 2020 containment. With sixty people on set at all times, we couldn’t afford that risk. (…) We discussed a lot with (the producer) Richard Grandpierre, especially on the advisability of shooting scenes requiring hundreds of extras. No one shook hands anymore, everyone had their own cup and the gel was flowing freely. The concern on the set was palpable. “The shooting is therefore interrupted overnight, and a new rewrite will be required, precisely because of scenes involving many extras.

We had a lot (discussed) with Olivier Baroux to rewrite scenes, and deleting some“, has explained Jean-Paul Rouve (Jeff Tuche) in the show L’Equipée sauvage, on Europe 1, last april. “We had a lot of extras, like 100 people. This will not be possible, so we are rewriting. This is work.“The shooting therefore resumed in the summer, and the team did everything possible to finish the film on time, with the objective of being ready for December 2020 and the end of year holidays, in order to stick to the mood of the film.

A postponed release due to the prolonged closure of cinemas

This was without counting on the prolonged closure of cinemas … First postponed to February 2021 (the film should have been showing for 10 days at the moment if the cinemas had reopened in December, like this was hoped for by film professionals), we learned last week that it was finally repositioned for Christmas, precisely on December 8, 2021. “If we postpone the Tuches, you have the balls. If you have the balls, you have a tree. If you have a tree, you have gifts. If you have gifts, you believe in Santa Claus. If you believe in Santa Claus, you go to the cinema on December 8th to see # LesTuche4 !!“could we read on social networks at the time of this announcement, borrowing the phrasing of Jeff Tuche and joking about these multiple postponements. If we add up all the date changes, Les Tuche 4 has changed … 4 times release dates!

In these new adventures, – after Monaco, the United States and the Elysee Palace, – the saga will therefore take as a backdrop the Christmas holidays and … the class struggle: Jeff resigns from the presidency and returns to Bouzolles with his family (for their greatest happiness). Cathy asks her for a unique gift: to reconnect with her sister Maguy, and her husband Jean-Yves with whom Jeff has been angry for 10 years. Problem: during a lunch, Jeff and Jean-Yves once again find a subject of contention: CHRISTMAS. This family quarrel, which should never have left Bouzolles, will turn into a showdown between Mr. Tuche and a giant of Internet distribution …

Still directed by Olivier Baroux, this fourth opus will notably welcome Michel Blanc, François Berléand and Christian Clavier. The Tuche family will also be back in full: Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Sarah Stern, Pierre Lottin and Théo Fernandez.

Les Tuche, Les Ch’tis, Intouchables … All these comedies have remakes (and you may not know it)!

Les tuche 4: covid, rewrites, postponements... Several challenges to face!

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Les Tuche, Les Ch’tis, Intouchables … All these comedies have remakes (and you may not know it)!

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