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Les Inconnus and Philippe Lacheau focus on the film projects

After The Perfect Man, in theaters on June 22, we take stock of Didier Bourdon’s projects, including the return of the Unknowns to the cinema!

Didier Bourdon is back on the big screen in The perfect man, in theaters since June 22. This comedy, directed by Xavier Durringer (The conquest), tells the story of Florence, encamped by Valerie Karsenti.

Overwhelmed by her family life and her work, she decides to buy a robot with a human appearance and a perfect physique. He meets all his expectations: maintaining the house, taking care of the children, and more.

But the robot, named Bobby (EFP), will quickly arouse jealousy in Franck (Didier Bourdon), her unemployed actor husband. For fear of losing his wife, Franck decides to take matters into his own hands, especially since the robot seems to find malicious pleasure in causing trouble in their relationship!

After this wacky project, the former Unknown does not intend to stop there! We will find it in particular in the new feature film by Yann Samuell, The Lulus Warexpected on January 18, 2023.


This family film takes us to the dawn of the First World War, in a village in Picardy. Four inseparable friends, Lucas, Luigi, Lucien and Ludwig, form the Lulus gang. These orphans are always ready to join forces to face Octave’s rival band or to escape the surveillance of Abbé Turpin.

When the Valencourt Abbey orphanage is urgently evacuated, the Lulus are missing. Forgotten behind the enemy front line, they are left to fend for themselves in the midst of the conflict.

Soon joined by Luce, a young girl separated from her parents, they decide at all costs to join Switzerland, the “country never at war”… here they are thrown with all the innocence and naivety of their age into an adventure for which nothing and no one prepared them!

Didier Bourdon will also star in the film by Philippe Lacheau, Alibi.com 2currently filming and scheduled for February 8, 2023.


Several other comedies are also in the pipeline for the 63-year-old comedian. In cock-a-doodle Doowhich does not yet have a release date, he will give the answer to Christian Keyboard.

Directed by Julien Hervé, screenwriter of Tuchethis film will introduce us to a family of wealthy wine aristocrats, the Bouvier-Sauvage, whose daughter Alice is in love with François Martin, son of Peugeot dealer Gérard Martin.

During the first meeting between the two families, postponed several times by the Bouvier-Sauvage, the children announce their marriage, which Frédéric, Alice’s father, does not see at all with a good eye.

To celebrate their union and the mixing of the two families, Alice, who works in a laboratory selling DNA tests, offers some to her parents and her future in-laws.

But the revelations of the DNA tests and the origins of each will completely upset the destiny of the two families, and jeopardize the planned marriage.


Didier Bourdon will also be the headliner of the police comedy 38.5 quay of the goldsmiths, directed by Benjamin Lehrer. In this film, a serial killer nicknamed Le Ver(s) Solitaire (for the alexandrines left at crime scenes) sows terror.

Under the orders of a superintendent, Clarisse Sterling, a blue from the crime squad, can only count on her instinct, 200g of chouquettes and the virtues of a well-placed pineapple to solve this investigation and save her skin.

As if that weren’t enough, the artist is also expected alongside Gérard Lanvin and Karim Benzema in 4 Zerosthe comedy sequel 3 Zeros by Fabien Onteniente.


The great reunion with the Unknowns will soon take place under the direction of Riad Sattouf. The filming of this comedy, which promises to be as crazy as it is funny, will begin in the spring of 2023.

After The handsome kids (2009) and Jacky in the kingdom of girls (2014), the director will finally be back behind the camera to direct his 3rd feature film alongside the iconic trio made up of Bernard CampanDidier Bourdon and Pascal Legitimus.

If we now know the director of the Unknown project, we still do not know what the plot of the film will be or its title. We will have to wait a little longer before knowing more about the return of the Unknowns.

“It’s going to be a bit of a crazy thing. We’ll play several characters. It’s quite a nice idea. Riad likes that we can play completely different characters – even if it means that we don’t recognize ourselves, sometimes, during the film”entrusted the actor to the microphone of BFM-TV.

“It can be very nice. It’s a bit like the junction between our two worlds. But it will first be a film by Riad Sattouf, with the participation of Unknowns, let’s say. It’s not a film by Unknowns It will be a little more fantastic”he concluded.


In February, Didier Bourdon told us that a TV reunion could take place soon, in addition to the cinema project.

“There are our rights that fall, so, certainly on the occasion of a new contract, – and we are old now I think -, maybe do a special program to talk about our sketches, to talk stories”Didier Bourdon told AlloCiné.

“Looking at the cases, I find photos, it’s moving and at the same time, we have enough hindsight. We are starting to work with fairly well-known TV people: we realized that these people did not know everything”he continued.


Interviewed recently by BFM TV as part of the promotion of The Perfect Man, Didier Bourdon made a sensational statement!

In addition to the project with Riad Sattouf, the Inconnus could reform again for a 3rd part of the Three brothers on the big screen!

“There is an idea, a third part of Three Brothers. It would be the last part, it would be The Three Grandfathers. We would cross out “brothers” and put “grandfathers. The film might be directed by Xavier Durringer [réalisateur de L’Homme parfait]”said the actor.

The latter, however, specifies that it is “from an idea just like that, in the air”and that Les Inconnus, directors of the first two opuses of Les Trois frères, would not be directing this 3rd feature film, “to be truly free from this constraint”.

“The third film would be a more adventurous part, we would leave France. I think that Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus are open to that”he concluded.

It should be noted that Les Trois frères brought together 6,897,098 spectators in theaters in 1995. The Three Brothers, the returnreleased in 2014, attracted 2,240,876 million viewers.

Didier Bourdon: “With Les Inconnus, it would be more difficult to do certain sketches today.”

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