Les Héritières sur Arte: what is this social TV movie about exceptional high schools worth with Déborah François and Tracy Gotoas?  - Cinema News

Les Héritières sur Arte: what is this social TV movie about exceptional high schools worth with Déborah François and Tracy Gotoas? – Cinema News

Arte is broadcasting “Les Héritières” this evening, with Déborah François, Tracy Gotoas, and Fanta Kebe. A pretty success, touching and of a crazy accuracy, which follows the course of a teenager from Seine-Saint-Denis who joins the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV.

What is it about ?

Sanou, an excellent student at a college in Seine-Saint-Denis classified REP +, entered the second year of the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV, in Paris. As she struggles to familiarize herself with her new surroundings, she becomes the tutor of Khady, a ball of energy and anger passionate about breakdancing, a third year student at her old establishment. The two teenagers will live a decisive year.

The Heiresses, directed by Nolwenn Lemesle and written by Laure-Élisabeth Bourdaud and Johanna Goldschmidt.

With Tracy Gotoas, Fanta Kebe, Déborah François, Lucie Fagedet, …

Friday June 4 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte and available until September 1 on arte.tv

Well worth a look ?

Presented last February at the Luchon Festival, where it took home the prize for Best Original Music, Les Héritières plunges us, for a whole year, into the Lycée Henri-IV, a prestigious establishment whose purpose is in particular to prepare its students at the grandes écoles which form the elites of tomorrow. And tackles, through the different courses but ultimately quite close to Sanou and Khady, the question of equal opportunities and social determinism with accuracy and sobriety.

Behind the competitiveness that rages in this kind of exceptional high schools or preparatory classes, and which is very well represented here, Nolwenn Lemesle’s telefilm (Des Morceaux de moi) is primarily and above all interested in the theme of the defector. class.

Sanou, who comes from a college in Seine-Saint-Denis and comes from a very modest family, has great difficulty adapting to this new environment, the codes of which she does not master. And chooses to hide who she really is to be better accepted by her well-born comrades, who already seem all from a certain elite and do not have the same cultural heritage as her.


The gaps that exist between Sanou and the rest of his promotion are striking and questioning. Impressive workload, hellish pace made of incessant back and forth between the family home and the school (until a scholarship to become the tutor of his neighbor Khady allows him to take a room close to Henri -IV) … Sanou gives everything to get there.

But a real dilemma, which is certainly the heart of this touching Oneness, soon appears. Torn between her family, which struggles to see her emancipate herself from what was expected of her, and which she does not want to deny, and her desire to believe in her dreams of success, will Sanou do the right things? choice?

From the theses of Bourdieu and Passeron, the screenwriters Laure-Élisabeth Bourdaud and Johanna Goldschmidt weave a very nice TV movie which, without any pathos, makes the choice of a vision a little more luminous and optimistic, even if the report drawn up on the social inequalities that persist is worrying.

But the success of Les Héritières is also due to its astonishing troop of young actors, led by Tracy Gotoas (Above the clouds) and Fanta Kebe (You prefer?), The two revelations of the TV movie, which already seem promised to a bright future. Déborah François, in a comprehensive, motivating, and a bit idealistic CPE, is excellent. While Lucie Fagedet (Skam France) and Sam Chemoul (Plus belle la vie) confirm all the good that we thought of them in the skin of the classmates of Sanou.

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