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Les Combattantes TF1 Notre Dame La Part du feu Netflix The

From “Notre-Dame, la Part du feu” to “Diane de Poitiers”, via “Les Combattantes”, the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival announces the fiction events of its 2022 edition. And two new partners: Netflix and Prime Video.

For its 2022 edition, which will be held from September 13 to 18, the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival has decided to put the dishes in the big ones by offering a preview of the best of upcoming French series.

This new edition, which promises to be more than ever the unmissable back-to-school event, will obviously see the historic broadcasters TF1, France Télévisions, M6, Arte, and Canal+ each offer, as they do every year, a great preview. first out of competition within the framework of the event.

Festival-goers will thus have the opportunity to discover before anyone else The Fighters (TF1), Diana of Poitiers (France Televisions), The house opposite (M6), The Black Butterflies (Art), and Marie Antoinette (Canal+).

But this year, two new partners, who are part of the evolution of a booming sector, are joining the event. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix will thus respectively offer La Rochelle audiences Miskina, the poor and Notre-Dame, the part of the firewhich will be part of the fictional back-to-school events on streaming platforms.

The fictional events of the 2022 edition

Marie Antoinette – Canal+ (Tuesday 09/13 at 7:30 p.m. – opening night of the festival)

Marie-Antoinette was barely 14 years old when she left Austria and her mother to marry the Dauphin in France. She is still a stubborn and dissipated young child who must comply with the numerous and complicated French rules. The young princess quickly suffers from not being able to live her life as she wishes. She is constantly under pressure to perpetuate the Bourbon line. A mission more complicated than expected: even if the relationship between Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI improves over time, seven years will be necessary for them to consummate their marriage.

From the young dauphine to the queen of style, a true icon of fashion, Marie-Antoinette quickly impressed with her charisma and her naturalness. She will gradually understand the codes and secrets of the French court and completely recreate Versailles in her image: free, independent and feminist! But his successes stir up jealousy and rivalry. Defamatory pamphlets and persistent rumors about his private life damaged his reputation. It will take a lot of courage and dignity to defeat his many enemies at the Versailles court.

Created by Deborah Davis.

With Emilia Schule, Louis Cunningham, James Purefoy, Gaia Weiss, Marthe Keller

Miskina, the poor – Amazon Prime Video (Wednesday 09/14 at 6:30 p.m.)

Miskina is the story of Fara, 30 years old. Without an apartment, without a job, without a guy, but with strong myopia. When your grandmother, your mother and your sister are on your ribs H24, it’s time to wake up and make choices.

Between her best friend who is perhaps the man of her life and this new guy a little perched who falls in love with her. Between sparing his mother still stuck on the past and reconnecting with his father. Between constantly veiling the face and finally facing the truth. When life keeps slapping you, you have to take charge and stop being a “miskina”.

Created by Melha Bedia, Yoann Gromb and Xavier Lacaille.

With Melha Bedia, Shirin Boutella, Hakim Jemili, Victor BelmondoXavier Lacaille…

The house opposite – M6 (Wednesday 09/14 at 9 p.m.)

Eva and Yanis, parents of a one-month-old baby girl, move into their new suburban house, looking for a fresh start. But one evening, following a tragic accident, their baby dies suddenly.

Broken, Eva and Yanis try to rebuild themselves. They find comfort with their neighbors across the street, Lucie and Stéphane. She’s a nurse, he’s a cop. A special bond between the two couples develops: they share their sorrows, their joys… and soon more. Their destinies intertwine and intertwine far beyond reason, to a point of no return so neither will come out unscathed.

Written by Lionel Bailliu and Deborah Hadjedj.

With Julie de Bona, Marc Ruchman, Caterina Murino, Thierry Neuvic and Antoine Dulery.

The Black Butterflies – Arte (Thursday 15/09 at 6.30 p.m.)

Adrien, 40, a tormented novelist, while waiting for inspiration, writes the lives of illustrious strangers. An old man hires her to tell him his greatest love story: Solange, the story of a life…

Albert’s story will turn out to be the confessions of a couple of serial killers in France in the 1970s. Between fascination and repulsion, Adrien must face the facts: this “novel” has everything to be Well.

Created by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle.

With Nicolas Duvauchelle, Niels Arestrup, Axel Granberger, Alyzee Costes

The Fighters – TF1 (Thursday 09/15 at 9 p.m.)

September 1914. For several weeks, the fighting has been raging. In a small village in the east of France, a few kilometers from the German zone, four women find themselves thrown into the heart of horror.

Marguerite, a mysterious and flamboyant Parisian prostitute who is suspected of being a spy; Caroline, wife of Victor Dewitt, owner of a car factory gone to the front, who sees herself propelled to the head of the family business; Agnès, mother superior of a convent requisitioned and transformed into a military hospital; and Suzanne, a young feminist nurse on the run since an abortion that went wrong…

Created by Cecile Lorne and Camille Treiner with the collaboration ofAlexander Lawrence.

With Audrey Fleurot, Sofia EssaidiJulie de Bona, Camille Lou

Diana of Poitiers – France Télévisions (Friday 16/09 at 7:30 p.m.)

In the royal epic of Valois-Angoulême, in the midst of the Renaissance, a woman rides in the lead in the race for honours: her name is Diane de Poitiers, emeritus huntress whose unalterable beauty fuels rumors and legends during her lifetime… and long after. his death.

Created by Didier Decoin.

With Isabelle Adjani, Hugo Becker, Samuel Labarthe, Virginia Ledoyen

Notre-Dame, the Part of the fire – Netflix (Saturday 09/17 at 5 p.m.)

The captivating story of the night of April 15, 2019 in the heart of Notre-Dame Cathedral alongside the Paris firefighters and the impact of this fire on different characters across France…

Created by Herve Hadmar and Olivier Bocquet.

With Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust, Megan Northam, Simon Abkarian, Alice Isaac

These seven new fictions, presented out of competition from September 13 to 17, will be screened in the Grand Théâtre de la Coursive, national stage in La Rochelle, and will be open to the general public free of charge, subject to availability.

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