Les Bois maudits on France 3: what is the detective TV movie with Blandine Bellavoir and …

France 3 is broadcasting this evening the new TV movie “Les Bois maudits”, with Blandine Bellavoir (“The Little Murders of Agatha Christie”) and Samir Boitard (“Le Secret d’Elise”). Does this investigation taking place in the Chartreuse massif stand out?

What is it about ?

Forest of the Chartreuse massif. Lumberjacks at work fall on the body of a man suspended in the air by a rope system, as if it were some sort of disjointed puppet. In charge of the investigation, Justine Verard is forced to collaborate with Mehdi Djaoud whom she holds responsible for the death of her husband, himself an inspector, during a mission that went wrong five years earlier.

Despite this tragic past, the two agents will have to join forces to solve together this first murder in the face of an ever deeper mystery as the investigation continues. Between a complicated personal life and her investigation, Justine will be caught in a vice until a final countdown under high tension.

Saturday December 25 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3

Who is it with?

To play the duo of investigators from the TV movie Les Bois maudits, director Jean-Marc Rudnicki (Bound for Life, A plane without her) called on Blandine Bellavoir, the ex-star of Agatha Christie’s Small Murders, seen recently in Christine Villemin in Une Affaire française on TF1, and in Samir Boitard (Le Secret d’Elise), that viewers have been able to find in recent months in They were ten and I love him to lie on M6.

Facing them, fans of detective fiction will find, among others, Stephan Wojtowicz (Quadras, Tropiques criminels), François Morel, and Coline D’Inca, who has long played Sybille in Plus belle la vie.

Well worth a look ?

After Waiting for a miracle last Saturday, France 3 continues to tap into its stock of unreleased material, even on Christmas Eve, by broadcasting Les Bois maudits which, once again, seems straight from the “Meurtres à ..” collection. . “, even if this unit does not respect its title.

This investigation taking place in the Chartreuse massif indeed follows to the letter all the codes of the successful television series of the Three. Starting with the bucolic setting, of course, which allows us to explore the landscapes of our beautiful country, and changes us from the many detective series taking place in Paris.

But also the mysterious murders, the suspects with the shovel, or the duo of investigators who do not get along but end up taming. Without forgetting the family secrets and other reasons for revenge which abound here again, as always.

Nicolas ROBIN – FTV – Scarlett Production

After its rather successful opening, which confronts us with the discovery of a corpse found hanging from trees like a human puppet, Les Bois maudits turns out to be rather pleasant to follow but loses all originality. And don’t go where this murderous staging might lead us to hope (forget the dismal or the strange, we are not in The Purple Rivers or Balthazar).

There remain the very good performances of Blandine Bellavoir and Samir Boitard, whom we always appreciate to find on the screen, the alchemy of their partner which works very well, and the rather touching personal story of the heroine embodied by Bellavoir, who has to deal with her daughter’s cancer and will do everything to save her. Since, of course, this drama and the investigation will end up coming together in a not totally surprising way.

In the average of what the chain has been offering for years, Les Bois maudits should therefore satisfy regulars of made in France 3 thrillers who will want to relax after Christmas dinner. But the others can easily go their way, as everything is seen and reviewed in this unsurprising investigation centered on the death of the former boss of a sawmill.

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