Léo Matteï: why the episode broadcast tonight on TF1 "upset" Catherine Marchal - News Series on TV

Léo Matteï: why the episode broadcast tonight on TF1 “upset” Catherine Marchal – News Series on TV

Tonight on TF1, Catherine Marchal (“Here everything begins”) resumes her role as Commissioner Ansker in “Léo Matteï, brigade des minors”. A shoot on which she met the actress with Down’s syndrome Marie Dal Zotto, which upset and amazed her.

Jean-Philippe Baltel / Big Band Story / TF1

Launched last week on TF1, the unpublished season 8 of Léo Matteï, the miners’ brigade continues this evening at 9:05 pm with the broadcast of a double episode entitled “An error of youth”, in which Léo Matteï (Jean-Luc Reichmann) and his team are investigating the death of a child who lived in a family specializing in welcoming young people with disabilities.

The main suspect in this murder is Claire (Marie Dal Zotto), a young person with Down’s syndrome who grew up in this family. But for Matteï, it is obvious that she is being manipulated by her adoptive parents. The commander will then try everything to unravel the secrets of this young girl who is looking for her biological mother.

And who says investigation around a murder, says return of Commissioner Ansker, that Catherine Marchal plays episodically since season 6. The actress, who thus makes infidelities to Here everything begins and to the Auguste Armand institute the time of a evening, recently evoked for us the filming of this very strong double episode on the handicap, which deeply marked her.

“I resume my character of Commissioner Ansker on the second evening. It happens as soon as there is a crime”, confides the interpreter of Claire Guinot in Here everything begins. “And generally Jean-Luc Reichmann arranges for there to be at least one each season (laughs). It’s work but it is also and above all a great pleasure to find Jean-Luc each time”.

And if Catherine Marchal has worked alongside Sandrine Quétier and Serge Hazanavicius, present as guests in these episodes 3 and 4 of season 8, it is obviously above all her meeting with Marie Dal Zotto, the young actress with Down’s syndrome revealed by the TV movie Special mention , which she will remember from this filming experience.

Jean-Philippe Baltel / Big Band Story / TF1

“We had the chance to shoot with Marie Dal Zotto, an actress with Down’s syndrome. And Jean-Luc, all the actors present, and I took a real lesson in comedy. In sincerity, in emotion. She never cheats. She is incredibly accurate, in tears, with each take. We were, opposite, like beginners. I came back from those days with her totally upset. By saying to myself “I absolutely do not know how to act, I just took a huge lesson “”.

“This is the quality of Jean-Luc: he knows how to surround himself with actors and people from all backgrounds”, continues Catherine Marchal who told us last year how grateful she was to the star and the creator of Léo Matteï for having called upon her after the end of We will love each other a little much.

“And Jean-Luc dares to tackle hard themes. There was an episode with an autistic child last year. And each time it’s very strong. With Marie Dal Zotto it was really an exceptional meeting, and we stayed in touch after the shoot “. Marie Dal Zotto, who will soon be found on TF1 in the sequel to Special Mention, still with Hélène de Fougerolles and Bruno Salomone.

Our interview with Catherine Marchal and Agustin Galiana on the occasion of the 100th episode of Here it all begins:

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