Léo Matteï on TF1: who leaves, who joins the series? Everything that changes in season 9…

The successful series “Léo Matteï” returns tonight on TF1 for a season 9 under the sign of change. With an almost completely renewed cast around Jean-Luc Reichmann who now gives the reply to Lola Dubini and Stomy Bugsy.

Less than a year after the broadcast of the season 8 finale, Léo Matteï, Minors Brigade returns to TF1 this evening with an unprecedented season 9 once again composed of three new investigations which will notably see the police commander played by Jean -Luc Reichmann try to elucidate the suicide of a young dancer or to penetrate a heavy family secret.

And if the fans of the detective series will obviously find all the ingredients that have made the success of Léo Matteï since its launch in 2013, they will perhaps be (a little) destabilized by the changes of this ninth season since the cast is almost entirely renewed around Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Exit Olivia and Eloise

In 2018, after four seasons spent in Paris, Léo Matteï left the capital to settle in Marseille, where he would finally find traces of his daughter Eloïse, who had been missing for almost ten years. The TF1 series then said goodbye to several members of its main cast, including Samira Lachhab (Tomorrow belongs to us) and Stéphane Boucher, and welcomed in season 5 a slew of new faces to start this Marseille chapter well.

Four years later, Léo Matteï makes a second major shift and separates again from a large part of his cast since Mathilde Lebrequier (Olivia Lambert), Xavier Mathieu (commissioner Alain Cabelle), and Maïra Schmitt (Eloïse Matteï), introduced in season 5, in turn leave the series and do not appear in this ninth season.

We just learned in the first episode, broadcast this evening on TF1, that Olivia has put her career as a cop on hold because of her health problems revealed last season, and that her husband, Superintendent Cabelle, the followed to support her in her recovery.

As for Eloïse, Léo’s daughter, a sequence reveals that she went “on vacation” with Cédric, her boyfriend, without her destiny being further discussed for the moment.

Léo matteï on tf1: who leaves, who joins the series? Everything that changes in season 9...
Jean-Philippe BALTEL/Big Band Story/TF1

Lola Dubini, Romane Portail, and Stomy Bugsy join the series

Around Léo and Jonathan (Alexandre Achdjian), loyal to the Marseille police station, and the only survivors of the series since season 1, viewers will thus discover a whole new team tonight.

The actress, comedian, and singer Lola Dubini, already seen in the series Olivia on the front page, joins the series in the recurring role of Inès Salma, a young police lieutenant bursting with energy just arrived from Paris who will form a electric duet with Leo.

The ardor of Inès indeed jostling Commander Matteï who will gradually discover behind this tornado a young woman bruised by a painful past, but who will also federate the Brigade around her.

If Lola Dubini is the good surprise of this season 9, by the humor she brings and for the interesting dynamics of her partner with Jean-Luc Reichmann, she is not the only recruit of these six new episodes.

Romane Portail, seen in particular in Tomorrow belongs to us, lends her features to Marion Da Costa, a committed investigator expert in computer science, while Stomy Bugsy (3 Zeros, Gomez & Tavarès) inherits her first recurring role in a series of prime-time in the skin of the enigmatic commissioner Daguerre, who is not there to laugh and does not shine by his warm side.

Léo matteï on tf1: who leaves, who joins the series? Everything that changes in season 9...
Jean-Philippe BALTEL/Big Band Story/TF1

Elsa Lunghini and Franck Sémonin as guests

Despite these important changes, Léo Matteï remains true to herself on the guest side since each of the two-part episodes of this season 9 welcomes many well-known guests to viewers and fans of French series.

“The Inner Scar”, broadcast this evening, thus sees Jean-Luc Reichmann give the reply to Elsa Lunghini (Here it all begins) in the role of a demanding dance teacher, to Franck Sémonin (Research Section), who lends his lines to the father of the victim, to Charlotte Valandrey, and to Marius Blivet, alias Côme in Les Bracelets rouges.

The following weeks, fans of Léo Matteï will then find Laurent Ournac (Camping Paradis), Astrid Veillon (Tandem), Liliane Rovère (Ten percent), Angunn, Thomas Jouannet (Nina), or even Zoé Félix (Le coeur des hommes) .

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