Lego Star Wars: which movies and series to watch on Disney +?  - Cinema News

Lego Star Wars: which movies and series to watch on Disney +? – Cinema News

The short film “Lego Star Wars Holiday” has joined the catalog of Disney Plus; the opportunity to take stock of the Star Wars / Lego productions available on the SVOD platform!

The LEGO Star Wars Christmas short has joined the Disney + catalog; Lasting 45 minutes, this special episode entitled Happy Holidays is presented both as a more or less official sequel to the film The Rise of Skywalker but also as a tribute to the three trilogies. Thanks to a strange crystal discovered during her Jedi training, Rey goes back in time and relives some of the most iconic sequences of the Star Wars saga.

The icing on the cake, several actors of the films resume their role here in the original version; this is notably the case of Billy Dee Williams (Lando), Kelly Marie Tran (Rose) or even Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), the only actor to have appeared in the nine Star Wars feature films!

The association of Star Wars characters with LEGO products is in itself a real tradition: in addition to countless derivative products, many productions have already emerged in the past, with a certain success. Both full of easter eggs for fans, these films and series are also an opportunity for the youngest to learn about the saga with accessible productions and all audiences.

This is the case for example of the series The Chronicles of Yoda, an anthology retracing the fight led by the Jedi master against the Sith lord Dark Sidious through original adventures; several episodes of the second season are thus offered on Disney +, such as Attack on Coruscant, Clash of the Skywalkers and Escape from the Jedi Temple. A sequel was also born, under the simple title of New Chronicles of Yoda (two episodes available).

Another ideal series to start Star Wars with the family, Tales of the Droids which allows you to retrace the most emblematic passages of the films – but also of the Clone Wars and Rebels series – through the point of view of the inseparable C-3PO and R2-D2. Five fun and catchy episodes, which offer a whole new look at the set of Star Wars trilogies.

Finally, The Adventures of the Freemaker, for its part, takes the party to imagine new adventures with new characters; A family specializing in the repair of spaceships, the Freemaker find themselves unwillingly at the center of the conflict between the Empire and the rebel fleet. A Jedi named Naare teaches them the existence of the Kyber saber, whose parts are found all over the universe. Composed of two seasons (26 seasons), the series is completed by five short films, also available on the platform.

The Star Wars series: from Clone Wars to The Mandalorian

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The Star Wars series: from Clone Wars to The Mandalorian

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