League of Legends in a cinema: book your tickets for the e-sports event

On July 21, the ten best teams in France will compete at the Seine Musicale for a tournament organized by the French League of League of Legends. If you didn’t get your tickets, you can experience the event… at the cinema!

League of legends in a cinema: book your tickets for the e-sports event

League of Legends fans, Thursday, July 21 will be your day! Thanks to LFL Day, which will see the ten best teams in France compete, live, during a tournament which will take place in physics at the Seine Musicale. If you only find out the information now, it is already too late to take places, these having left in less time than it takes to say.

But you will have a second chance, since the five parts of the event will be broadcast live in the following thirty cinemas:

  • CGR Colmar
  • CGR Troyes
  • Vox Strasbourg
  • Kinepolis Saint-Julien les Metz
  • CGR Chalons-en-Champagne
  • CGR Les Lilacs
  • CGR Sarcelles
  • CGR Nanterre
  • Kinepolis Bretigny
  • CGR Mantes-la-Jolie
  • CGR Brignais
  • CGR Vitrolles
  • CGR Clermont Val Arena
  • CGR Nimes
  • CGR Cagnes-sur-Mer
  • CGR Beauvais
  • CGR Bruay-la-Buissiere
  • CGR Saint-Quentin
  • Kinepolis Lille
  • CGR Abbeville
  • CGR Tours 2 Lions
  • CGR La Mezieres
  • Cineville Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire
  • CGR Brest Celtic
  • CGR Le Mans The Colosseum
  • CGR Blagnac
  • CGR Slats
  • CGR Bordeaux the Frenchman
  • CGR Rivesaltes
  • CGR Bayonne

If your favorite room is in this list, you can now reserve your place by clicking on this link. And a quiz will allow the most knowledgeable to leave with gifts.

“We strive at CGR Cinémas to provide our viewers with unique experiences in our cinemas”answers David Scantamburlo, marketing director of the group, when we ask him about what led them to host this event. “In the current context, we must redouble our efforts and multiply projects that can appeal to the youngest audiences.”

On the distributor side, the idea is to be part of a continuity: “CGR Events has been distributing alternative and animated content for several years (Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia…), it was logical to reaffirm its position in e-sport, which today unites more and more French people.”

E-sport represents a complementary offer for our spectators, eager to experience emotions and create memories thanks to the big screen.

An announcement that comes just days after the words of Emmanuel Macron. On the occasion of a reception given in honor of French e-sport, the President of the Republic mentioned this avenue for reinventing cinemas. “CGR Events has positioned itself in the gaming segment with the broadcast of major championships for many years”says the distributor about it.

“We are delighted that Emmanuel Macron shares our vision of e-sport and its synergies with cinemas. E-sport represents a complementary offer for our spectators, eager to experience emotions and create memories thanks to the big screen. The movie theater is and remains an essential place for socializing.”

The rapprochement between CGR Events and the LFL (French League of Legends) which will also take place via a common stand at Japan Expo, between July 14 and 17, in order to support the positioning of the distributor in this sector of activity .


Initially inspired by a Wacraft III mod, League of Legends (or LoL) was released in 2009. It is an online battle arena type video game. The game’s main mode sees two teams of five players compete in real-time, in matches lasting around half an hour, with each team occupying and defending their own base on the map. Each of the ten players controls a separate character, called “champion”among the more than one hundred and fifty offered to him.

Each champion has a basic attack and five skills, which can have a wide variety of effects and are unique to each. Before the game, the player chooses – in addition to his champion – two summoner spells, comparable to particularly powerful skills, as well as runes, a particular system of effects and special abilities. Summoner spells and runes are not dependent on the champion used.

Finally, note that each game of League of Legends is distinct, and that the resources accumulated during a match are not recovered during the following ones. The success of the game spawned other titles as well as the anime series Arcane, which went live on Netflix in late 2021 and was a massive hit. So much so that a season 2 is in production.

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