Le Village sur Chérie 25: what intensive course did the actors take before filming?

M. Night Shyamalan’s Village is broadcast tonight on Chérie 25. To prepare for the shooting of this thriller, the director organized an intensive course for his actors, immersing them in a real 19th century country village.

Released in our dark rooms in 2004, The Village of M. Night Shyamalan takes place in a small isolated community that lives in the terrifying certainty that a race of mythical creatures inhabit the woods surrounding the village. This evil force is so threatening that no one dares to venture into the forest. Lucius, a stubborn boy, however, is determined to go and see what lies beyond the village limits. Unable to finally go there, it’s Ivy, a young blind woman who will discover what is hidden outside the village …

Worn by Bryce Dallas Howard (whose first starring role in a feature film), Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt, the feature totaled $ 256 million in box office revenue worldwide. for an estimated budget of 60 million. Quickly becoming cult for its suspense and its atmosphere, the feature film was also widely criticized. The film was included in the list of most hated films of famous American film critic Roger Ebert.

Yet the actors have gone to great lengths to make The Village a success. Indeed, in order for his actors to be perfectly comfortable during the filming, the director asked them to do an intensive 3-week training course. Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody and the rest of the cast took part in a training camp. A total immersion in the daily life of the inhabitants of a 19th century country village: without running water or electricity, the actors lived as at the time and even had to work the land.


Le village sur chérie 25: what intensive course did the actors take before filming?

Buena Vista Pictures

Adrien Brody and Bryce Dallas Howard

During the promotion of the film, AlloCiné met Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress explains: “It was incredible to live the old fashioned way, to plow the earth, to shear the sheep … Every day, William Hurt would wake us up around 5:30 am, then make fire the old fashioned way, simply by rubbing two pieces of wood. We then had our breakfast together, then we met with historians to read from the past and talk about life in the past: the debates were really deep. The afternoons were devoted to rehearsals with Night, and in the evenings he brought in musicians to party. Brendan Gleeson played the violin, Adrien Brody took to the piano, it was wonderful times … We lived together, we went swimming together, we danced together, we talked around the fire. It was a true spiritual and emotional communion that affected us all and that shines on the screen.. “

But the young actress is not the only one to be conquered by this extraordinary experience. Adrien Brody adds: “We lived in the woods, we camped in tents. So we all got to know each other, I loved it! It created a real sense of community and, at the same time, we discovered what the people who are part of these utopian communities go through and how they operate. Then, during the filming of the film, we continued to live in community since we all lived on a farm. We had separate bedrooms and all the comforts, but we dined together and lived like family. “

Le village sur chérie 25: what intensive course did the actors take before filming?

Buena Vista International

Bryce Dallas Howard and Joaquin Phoenix

So the experience was not as difficult as one might imagine. This 19th century summer camp allowed the crew to get to know each other well and facilitated the filming of the feature film since the actors fully understood what their characters were going through.

And to welcome the inhabitants of this village who lived in complete autarky, it was necessary to find a filming location ensuring perfect tranquility for the teams. For this, the film set was entirely built in a private 80 hectare valley in southeastern Pennsylvania. Its construction took two and a half months of work, 24 hours a day. A week before the start of filming, the peaceful village was completed and ready to welcome the crew.

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