Le Petit tenant sur France 2: 4 things to know about this comedy with Karin Viard

France 2 is broadcasting “Le Petit Locataire” this evening, a comedy with Karin Viard, directed by Nadège Loiseau. Inspiration, references and a nod to “Peau d’âne” … Here are 3 things to know about this first feature film.

Le Petit Locataire is the story of a pregnancy not quite planned. Nicole, 49, is pregnant. Disaster or good news? The whole family is upside down … Is the film inspired by the story of the screenwriter and director? What was the point of this story? We tell you more on the occasion of the broadcast of the thread this evening on France 2.

The origin of the film

If Le Petit Locataire is not inspired by the story of the screenwriter and director (who is younger than the main character whose story she tells), Nadège Loiseau nevertheless specifies that this plot is “nourished by his own experience, his entourage, and his observations“, indicating that there is”a bit of her in each of the characters“of the family she is staging.

The idea of ​​the concept of “little tenant“precisely happened to her when she was expecting her first child, and had, in her words,”hard to conceive [son] ” state “Pregnant woman“.”I established contact with my baby by calling him my tenant because I felt, after the first few months, that there was an already very independent life inside of me, which did not respect my schedules, who wriggled anytime, who tried to push the walls… In short, I felt inhabited in the true sense of the word. And I told myself that I was necessarily not the only one to have felt that.

From short to long

Le Petit Locataire is Nadège Loiseau’s first feature film. This project follows two short films, Une femme parfait (2007) and Le Locataire (2012).

Before being a long format, this story was therefore told in part for a short format. “This idea of ​​the tenant really triggered a desire. I had written a lot on this subject during my pregnancy, but it was very personal, between the endless novel and the diary … But I admit that I took a liking to the exercise of writing.

And then one day, while I was thinking about an idea for a short film, I said to myself: But ?! What if this tenant arrives in the womb of a woman for whom this is no longer the time? And there, Nicole was born at that moment, as well as Jean-Pierre and all this family. I gave birth to a story naturally, and without pain! And the more I wrote a short story, the more I felt that it spilled over in all directions, that this short could not be kept short for very long.

I shot Le Locataire in 2012, and 4 years later it became a feature film: Le Petit Locataire!“, she sums up.

This first feature film was co-written by Nadège Loiseau, with Fanny Burdino, Julien Guetta and Mazarine Pingeot. Mazarine Pingeot, novelist, daughter of François Mitterrand, has participated in the writing of several feature films: she has worked in particular on The Economy of the Couple by Joachim Lafosse, as well as on the adaptation and dialogues of Continue, also for Joachim The pit.

Talk about transmission

At the time of the film’s release, Nadège Loiseau explained that she was keen to make a film on transmission: “work on a line of women and transgenerational heritage“, she specifies.”They all have a mother, all a daughter. They all have an “example” to follow that she therefore does not follow, and we see how these women mirror each other..

How bridges are made between two generations, how direct relations between mother and daughter can be as conflicting as those between grandmother and granddaughter are appeased. Mirrors are also, formally, very important in the film. It’s everywhere“.

A nod to Peau d’âne

In Le Petit locataire, there is a nod to Peau d’âne by Jacques Demy, a film that Nadège Loiseau watched a lot when she was a child: “I wanted this little wink with the mixer. Donkey Skin 2.0 what! Demy is one of the filmmakers who have marked me a lot, with this naivety and this depth“, confides the filmmaker.

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