Le Milieu de l’Horizon: a new rural drama to discover after Petit paysan and Au nom de …

Focus on Le Milieu de l’Horizon, the second feature film by Swiss director Delphine Lehericey which has passed through several festivals. An initiatory story carried by a young beginner actor, accompanied in particular by Laetitia Casta.


The drought of 1976. Under the relentless sun of this summer, Gus leaves childhood. Nature crumbles, feelings are exacerbated, the family nucleus bursts: everything cracks and cracks until the unthinkable happens. The long-awaited thunderstorms will sweep away an exhausted countryside and take a world with them.

Le Milieu de l’Horizon written by Joanne Giger based on the work of Roland Buti and directed by Delphine Lehericey. With Luc Bruchez, Laetitia Casta, Clémence Poésy, Thibaut Evrard …


The end of childhood is a subject that has attracted many filmmakers. The most recent: Delphine Lehericey who, in Le Milieu de l’Horizon, immerses the viewer in the daily life of Gus, 13, while he was on summer vacation in 1976. A year marked by a terrible drought which will explode the family nucleus of the young hero. The latter is played by Luc Bruchez, an inexperienced but gifted actor who is in almost all shots of the film.

Gus may be on vacation, but he must constantly help his father a farmer (Thibaut Evrard) with the daily chores of the farm, which has been damaged by the heatwave. A mission which, over the course of the feature film, will make the character grow up, who must be responsible when no one else can around him.

But it is especially by seeing his parents tear themselves apart that the boy will definitely leave childhood. He who shared a close relationship with his mother (Laetitia Casta) no longer knows how to manage his feelings when he becomes the unhappy witness of the latter’s extra-marital affair. Because Le Milieu de l’Horizon is also a story of desire.

That of Gus, who knows his first emotions in front of a stolen erotic magazine or with a young friend, but also of his father.

Le milieu de l'horizon: a new rural drama to discover after petit paysan and au nom de...


Mother and loving woman, the character played by Laetitia Casta calls her daily life into question after having fallen under the spell of Cécile (Clémence Poésy).

It is thanks to a meeting that Nicole realizes that a whole world can be opened to her, beyond the farm and her role of mother of a family. I went through some archives on the groups of women that were formed in an improvised way in the countryside at that time. Sometimes these meetings generated a desire to break the family model.“, recalls the director in the press kit.

It is also this woman who follows her heart at the risk of losing everything who first interested Delphine Lehericey: “I was overwhelmed by this character, by his freedom. I asked myself: would I have had his courage, if this had happened to me in the 70s? What particularly intrigued me was that this story is viewed from the perspective of Gus, Nicole’s son.

And to specify: “It is by emancipating herself, by making her choices, and by following her desire that Nicole is a feminist woman. It is by giving this example to his son that he will be able to have a less oppressive outlook on women. I see this film as a universal film, which leaves room for women to make their own choices.

Le milieu de l'horizon: a new rural drama to discover after petit paysan and au nom de...


If the developments of Gus and Nicole are at the forefront of Milieu de l’Horzion, the film does not forget the father of the family, Jean, who must deal with the heatwave which puts in difficulty its exploitation and the changes which are looming. in the agricultural world.

In those moments, the feature film recalls certain recent films such as Petit Paysan or Au nom de la terre, which already plunged the viewer into a rural world that is going badly, with these farmers who are struggling to get their heads out of the world. water despite their best efforts.

Did you know that Laetitia Casta had also done dubbing?

Le milieu de l'horizon: a new rural drama to discover after petit paysan and au nom de...

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