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Philippe Bas (“Profiling”) is back on TF1 this evening in the skin of the hero of the TV movie “Le Saut du diable”. The actor, who is also the producer of this muscular fiction, has he been dubbed for the many action scenes?

A few months after the announcement of the end of Profiling after 10 seasons, Philippe Bas is back tonight on TF1 with Le Saut du diable, an action TV movie directed by Abel Ferry, with whom he had already worked on White trap in 2014.

In this drastic thriller, which sees the muscular sequences and shootings multiply for 90 minutes, Philippe Bas plays Paul Vilar, a former Special Forces officer converted into a specialist in survival and extreme sports, who hopes to get closer to his 17-year-old girl Sara on a mountain hike.

But things don’t go as planned: Sara witnesses a murder. Having become troublesome, the father and daughter are then chased by smugglers who will stop at nothing to eliminate them. The start of hell for Paul and Sara, who will have to be ready to do anything to survive.

“It’s a character that I created”, explains to Télé Loisirs Philippe Bas, who also officiates at the post of producer on Le Saut du diable. “I wanted to tell the story of a man trapped in a neurosis that he will overcome thanks to his daughter. My inspiration came from the adventurer Mike Horn. I attended his lectures, I read a lot many things about him … He is a man that I appreciate a lot, who has a very precious connection to life “.

Nicolas Gouhier / TF1

And for the needs of this intense unitary, the ex-star of Profiling, who admits that his body is his “work tool”, gave of himself since he did all the stunts in the TV movie himself and was not dubbed, including for the impressive climbing sequences.

“Running and fighting is not too much of a problem, I was used to that in my previous series”, confides Philippe Pas to our colleagues. “I especially had to work on the notion of emptiness. I was able to get closer to the intervention brigade in Paris and learn to abseil in all directions”.

“I climbed some monuments with my bare hands, then I rappelled them down. It’s nice to get the jersey wet and, thanks to this training, I was able to make the TV movie without resorting to an understudy. I’m not Tom Cruise! I can’t fly a helicopter yet! “.

Still, Tom Cruise or not, fans of Philippe Bas should enjoy this TV movie where the actor, who is in almost all the sequences, connects the physical prowess.

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