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Le Grand chemin de Jean-Loup Hubert is broadcast this evening on 6ter. The film is led by Richard Bohringer and Anemone, both awarded the César for their interpretation. The actress did not go unnoticed during the ceremony.

Released in 1987, Le Grand chemin by Jean-Loup Hubert follows Claire (Anémone), a pregnant woman, just abandoned by the father of her children, forced to entrust her eldest son to a couple of friends. The boy must learn to familiarize himself with the countryside and to live with his adopted family in which there is a heavy atmosphere.

The film is a success (more than 3 million spectators) and the performances Richard Bohringer and Anemone are hailed by the César for Best actor and Best actress. If the actor has already won the award for best supporting role in 1985 for The Addition, it is for his playing partner his first award.

On March 12, 1988, during the ceremony, the actress took the stage when her name was announced. The latter is dressed as a soldier of the year II. Without mentioning Le Grand Chemin once, Anemone presents her outfit and declares her love for Richard Anconina, her partner in the film Send the Violins.

Before leaving the scene without his prize, Anémone launches: “Good news, Aquarius era. You know we have just entered the Age of Aquarius. Hi guys! “ Subsequently, the actress will never get her statuette back, despite the numerous reminders from Georges Cravenne, the creator of the César.


A few days later, the actress explains her gesture in an interview with Paris Match : ” By dint of frequenting this environment, I more and more want to make the revolution. I thought a disguise suited an actress better than a speech. The audience may not have understood. But I hope it was pretty. I believe in the power of beauty ”.

The Caesars, I find that razor sharp! It’s slow, and it’s also hyper-hypocritical this self-congratulatory session while French cinema is dying

Known for her outspokenness, Anémone does not mince words concerning the “great family of French cinema”: “Les Caesars, I find that razor sharp! It is slow, and it is also hyper-hypocritical this session of self-congratulations while the French cinema is dying, that the commercials and the producers took the top by crushing the artists. […]

I have no thanks to say to either a system or an institution. Maybe only to individuals. In this case, I take my phone and I do it directly ”. Before concluding, pragmatic, that in any case she would not have had room at home to store this Caesar, and that she would have offered it to the Restos du cœur if it had been golden.

Dominique Charriau / Pool / Bestimage

The Splendid troupe on stage – César ceremony of March 12, 2021

An intervention which is reminiscent of that of his accomplice of the Splendid, Gérard Jugnot, 33 years later. Indeed, the day after the presentation of the anniversary César to the troupe of Splendid on March 12, the actor said at the microphone of RTL :

This is not what will make people want to go back to the cinema. The evening could have been militant and political with a little lightness and humor. It is true that we are suffering but we are not the only ones. We should not make people believe that it is only artists who suffer in this period“.

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