Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Stabler explains his reasons for leaving

While he made his comeback in a new spin-off from Law & Order, Christopher Meloni (Stabler) reflects on the reasons for his departure from the series in 2011, after 12 seasons.

Law & order: special victims unit: stabler explains his reasons for leaving
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In 2011, while he has played in the series since its debut in 1999, we learn that Christopher Meloni will no longer play the character of Elliot Stabler in Special Victims Unit. Today, in an interview with Men’s Health, the actor returns to the reasons for his departure.

At the time, the NBC channel refused to pay him the sum he asked for the renewal of his contract. He then tries a last negotiation and decides that for the sum that we are ready to pay him, he can turn, but less, and this is the way he presents it:

“Instead of 22 episodes [une saison complète, NdlR], make me come back for 9 or 18 episodes. “They contacted me one Thursday evening to answer me:” This is what we propose to you. We want the answer by tomorrow, take it or leave it. “

What the actor would have answered:

Look, I don’t wanna cheat you, I’m asking this [montant]. If you can’t give it to me, fine. Let’s figure out how to get me to leave.

And its exit was swift. After her character kills young Jenna Fox who only opened fire in response to her mother’s rape and murder, Elliot Stabler is traumatized and decides to return her badge. This departure surprises the fans, who adored her duet with Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

Law & order: special victims unit: stabler explains his reasons for leaving

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Stabler and Benson

Ten years later, in episode 9 of season 22, Meloni finds Stabler during an episode where we learn that he had left the city following this accident. He reappears in episodes 13 and 16 of the same season, giving the answer to Benson, his teammate of the great era.

This season is the latest, broadcast this year on TF1, and gently prepares the great return of Elliot Stabler in the “New York” family.

Indeed, Chris Meloni has returned to service for his own spin-off titled Law & Order: Organized Crime. He finds there the role of Stabler who, following a personal tragedy, sets up an elite unit to fight the organized crime of the city of New York.

Broadcast in April this year in the United States, we still do not know the date of broadcast of this series on TF1. It has already been renewed for a second season.

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