L’Amie prodigieuse on France 2: everything you need to know about season 2 – news series on TV

L'amie prodigieuse on france 2: everything you need to know about season 2 - news series on tv

France 2 is broadcasting this Monday evening from 9:05 pm season 2 of “L’Amie prodigieuse”, an Italian series hailed by critics. On this occasion, a quick overview of what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

If the first adventures of Lenù and Lila had upset you, know that the rest of the L’Amie Prodigieuse series will certainly live up to your expectations.

Almost a year to the day after the broadcast of the first season on France 2, the Italian series adapted from the novels of Elena Ferrante returns this Monday evening from 9:05 pm on the channel with eight new episodes, between Naples, Ischia and Pisa. , filled with twists and turns, moments of recklessness, drama and hope.

Subtitle A New Name, in relation to Lila’s marriage to Stefano, this new chapter begins when the two heroines are now 16 years old. now working, she has to face the violence of her husband from his honeymoon in Amalfi.

When Lila returns to Naples with bruises on her body, the two young girls find their old bond, which had been somewhat lost. Elena, meanwhile, is spellbound by the charisma of Nino Sarratore in high school. She decides not to tell Lila about it, but Lila didn’t fail to notice.

Elena is also going through a phase of doubt as she rethinks her life choices. After a successful school year and a summer of all dangers, she discovers a new city, Pisa, where she starts her university studies, and … another possible destiny, far from the daily hassles of the neighborhood, but far from Nino too. Other boys will then enter his life.

Quickly, relations will be strained between the two friends with a strong character and the rivalries will sharpen.

Casting side, Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace, who respectively camped teenage Elena and Lila in the first season, will be back in this new round of episodes.

And unlike season 1, where the actresses who played the two young girls had changed along the way to keep up with the evolution of the characters’ ages, they will be present this time throughout this season.

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