lakes in sydney Ideal places to enjoy swimming, picnic and spend holidays with family and friends. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia. Along with the natural beauty in the city, Sydney has many beautiful lakes for the visitors to enjoy and spend some memorable moments with their loved ones. Among all the lakes, Chipping Norton Lake is one of the popular lakes in Sydney. Here’s your chance to find out what other beautiful lakes this charming city keeps hidden from the world!

6 best lakes in Sydney

Sydney’s lakes provide visitors with a better place every year to have fun and enjoy a picnic. They attract people from different parts of the world to come and have fun at these recreational places in Sydney.

  • Chipping Norton Lake
  • Parramatta Lake
  • lake george
  • Mungo Lake
  • lake illawarra
  • Wattle Grove Lake

1. Chipping Norton Lake

Chipping Norton Lake

Chipping Norton Lake is located in Chipping Norton in New South Wales and was created by Thomas Moore in 1950 after acquiring the area near the Georges River. According to local people, before the establishment of this lake in Sydney, there was no lake at that place. The lake is a popular recreational destination for the City of Liverpool, Council of Canterbury-Bankstown and the Council of Fairfield City. There are four islands in the lake area which are strictly prohibited to visitors for wildlife conservation. It is one of the famous Lakes in Sydney, Australia For its facilities, various services are being provided to the people from community centers to parks. It has a regional park located in the Homestead area which includes a beach named Grand Fléneur Beach. Swimming is not always permitted in the lake due to the impurity of the water, although it is sometimes permitted. Although it may not be one of them swimming lakes in sydney50 types of winged creatures are found around it which completely complement it. There are several parks and recreation areas on both the east and west shores of the lake. Parks on the east side include Rowley Park, Liverpool Golf Club, Georges River Golf Course and many others. Parks on the west side include South Park, Angle Park, Heron Park, Homestead Park, Riverside Park, and more.

Place: Chipping Norton, New South Wales
Maximum. Length: 1 km (0.62 mi)

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2. Parramatta Lake

Parramatta Lake

Lake Parramatta is a man-made lake and one of the freshwater lakes in Sydney. It is believed that this area was earlier occupied by the local people and this place was of most importance to them due to the availability of pure water and variety of food. It was constructed mainly to provide water for personal reasons. it was one of swimming lakes in sydney around 1920 to 1940 and was also renowned as the largest inland freshwater body in Australia. As of 2015, it has been officially chosen as a swimming spot for people with the construction of parks and playgrounds for children. It has a dam (Lake Parramatta Dam) and was the first dam to be built on a large scale in Australia in 1856. The lake belonged to four individuals (Captain Percy Simpson, Cecil West Darley, Edward Orpen Moriarty and William Randall). Mid to late 19th century. This lake plays an important role in Australia historically for its scientific transformation and success as it was the first dam to be built in Australia and the eleventh dam in the world.

Place: North Parramatta, Sydney
Area: 10.5 hectares (26 acres)

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3. Lake George

lake george

Lake George is one of the best lakes in Sydney and Australia with its uniqueness in the field of an observational scientific motion behavior program established by various scholars from engineering background. The lake is at least one million years old and is one of the oldest lakes in Australia. It is located in the south-west part of New South Wales, Australia. It is also known as a place found in the western and southern part of the region and is also believed to be named after King George III. It has an important role in Canberra art. It is a closed lake due to obstruction in the flow of its water to the oceans and rivers. This lake was earlier famous for fish farming and also for grazing sheep when the lake water dried up. The lake is also known as Werriwa by the native people of that area.

Place: new South Wales
Area: 25 km (16 mi) long and 10 km (6.2 mi) wide

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4. Mungo Lake

beautiful lake


Mungo Lake is named after the original settlers of Mungo Man in Australia and the Mungo Sheep Station, formed in 1920. Mungo Man is believed to be the earliest discovery of man in Australia and probably inhabited the area around the lake about fifty thousand years ago. This lake is a secluded lake located 760 km west of Sydney in south-eastern Australia. The lake is one of the seventeen lakes of the Lakes Region historical region and is the main feature of Mungo National Park. It provides visitors a cultural heritage site as well as a tourist-friendly destination with parks in the rendezvous. Tourists can also visit the grasslands there. It is one of the popular historical places of Australia. It is believed that Mungo man and woman were buried here 42000 years ago. The accommodation at Mungo Lodge is outside the park making it easy to access Mungo, one of the best Lakes in Sydney, Australia,

Place: south-east australia

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5. Lake Illawarra

beautiful lake illawarra

Lake Illawarra is located south of Sydney in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The lake was constructed primarily with the aim of converting the insensitive waters of the lake into a beautiful tourist destination. The lake has a far-reaching environmental history. It was previously believed that the place was occupied by the native Wadi Wadi people due to the abundance of food and the abundance of food. The water flowing from it is both fresh and salty. The lake is home to various birds like musk ducks, pelicans, black swans, herons, black ducks and many more. It also provides many facilities for the visitors coming from different places of the world. It has water sports including boating and fishing and is mostly known for fishing and mooring, and is as popular as various swimming lakes in sydney, With its picturesque beauty, it attracts people from all over the world to enjoy holidays. Near the lake there are various mobile parks with boats and sailing boats for rent. One of the famous picnic spots with a children’s park near Lake Illawarra is Reddall Reserve. The length of the lake is 9.5 km, width is 5.5 km and depth is 3.7 meters. The lake is a famous recreational spot with a total of 13 boat berths around it.

Place: Illawarra, New South Wales
Area: 33 square km

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6. Wattle Grove Lake

Wattle Grove Lake in Sydney


Wattle Grove Lake was constructed by Delfin in the year 1990. It is a man-made lake located in the Wattle Grove dormitory area of ​​Sydney, Australia. The lake provides shelter to innumerable water birds and various fish and eels. It is a wildlife-specific lake and fishing and boating facilities are strictly prohibited to protect the wildlife. The lake is a tourist destination with a lakeside park, two playgrounds for children and a fitness plot provided to the public, including a fifteen-minute walk around the lake. Despite being man-made, with its natural beauty, this place attracts people from all over the world as a place of fun and entertainment. It also has a wildlife island which is home to swans, ducks and other types of birds and animals. The lake is managed by the country’s Delfin agency and Liverpool City Council.

Place: Wattle Grove, Sydney, Australia

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The beautiful landscape and its picturesque views attract people from different places to enjoy their holidays in these recreational lakes and parks in Sydney, Australia. Plan a trip to Australia and have a wonderful time with your friends and family by the lakes. Know of any other swimming lakes in Sydney? Leave them in the comments below.

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FAQs about Lakes in Sydney

What are the most famous lakes located in Sydney?

New Zealand is blessed with some of the most beautiful lakes in the entire world. Some of the famous lakes located there are Lake Chipping Norton, Lake Parramatta, Lake George, Lake Mungo and many others.

What are some of the most beautiful lakes located in Sydney?

Most of the lakes in New Zealand are mesmerizingly beautiful. They are situated amidst the magnificent mountains and lush greenery of dense forests. Some of the famous lakes are Wattle Grove Lake, Lake Illawarra, Lake Parramatta and many others.

Which lake in Sydney has different species of birds?

Chipping Norton Lake in New South Wales has over fifty different ranges of birds.

What everyday activities do tourists participate in in Sydney?

Many people in New Zealand like to participate in many activities at the lake. Some of them are kayaking, cycling, stargazing, hiking, paragliding, parasailing and much more.

Which lake of Sydney is completely man-made?

Lake Illawarra in New South Wales in Australia is entirely man-made, and was constructed to replace insensitive water.

Which lake in Sydney is the oldest lake in Australia?

Lake George is the oldest lake in Australia. It is located in Sydney and is over one million years old.

How many days are enough to visit Sydney?

You can tour all of Sydney in five days. If you do not have much time, you can cover that area within three days. It entirely depends on how much space you are going to cover.

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