Lady’s Game on Netflix: Is the Miniseries Based on a True Story?

Available on Netflix since October 23, Lady’s Game tells the story of chess prodigy Beth Harmon’s extraordinary journey. Is this miniseries based on a true story?

Created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott, The Lady’s Game portrays Beth Harmon, an orphan chess prodigy, who will succeed in carving out a precious place for herself in a world dominated by men. The mini-series, available since October 23 on Netflix, follows her journey from her eight years to her twenty-two years, between successes and defeats, professional and sentimental, as she fights against an addiction.

The lady’s game is worn by Anya Taylor-Joy who delivers a masterful performance in the shoes of Beth Harmon. The actress is surrounded by Marielle Heller (Alma Wheatley, her adoptive mother), Harry Melling (Harry Beltik, friend and adversary), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Benny Watts, lover and adversary), Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (Townes, a player with whom she falls in love) and Marcin Dorocinsky (Vasily Borgov, the Russian chess champion and Beth’s greatest opponent).

Lady's game on netflix: is the miniseries based on a true story?


Even if the world of chess is unknown to you, The game of the lady manages to fascinate the spectators thanks to a solid cast, a brilliant staging and a breathtaking atmosphere. You would think Lady’s Play was based on a true story, knowing that Netflix is ​​very fond of these kinds of mini-series, but it isn’t. Indeed, it is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, published in 1983.

Walter Tevis, himself a chess player, used his own experience to write the novel. The author also benefited from the help of distinguished players who directed him to books, magazines and tournament rules for writing chess scenes. Finally, Walter Tevis was able to count on the help of chess master Bruce Pandolfini who reread his text in order to identify certain game errors.

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