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France 2 broadcasts this Saturday evening “La Vengeance sans visage”, a TV movie worn by Philippe bas (Profiling) and Aurore Delplace (“Un si grand soleil”)? Is it worth a look?

What is it about ?

Marie is a manager in an airport. During a rafting trip, she meets Maxime, a skydiving and wingsuit enthusiast. She is unaware, however, that with his gang, Maxime is looting cash transport at airports, and that they are preparing a robbery.

To ensure Marie’s silence, Sofia – leader of the gang – sabotages her parachute during an initiation. Marie then falls 2000 meters but, miraculously, survives. A year later, disabled, she took refuge in her parents’ house in Gap, her hometown.

Until the day when Marie meets Sofia, who believes her dead and does not recognize her. Marie decides to take revenge by luring them to a new robbery. But that’s reckoning without Luc Ferraz, a BRI officer looking for the source that informed the gang. Marie has the ideal profile. So Luc passes himself off to her as a life assistant, in order to go back to the robbers.

Saturday February 11 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

Written and directed by Claude-Michel Rome, who worked on Le temps est assassin and Mortelles Calanques, La Vengeance sans visage is worn by Philippe Bas (Le Saut du diable, Profiling) and Aurore Delplace, alias Johanna Lemeur in Un Si Grand Soleil . Anna d’Annunzio (A wonderful family), Satya Dusaugey (Murders in Nancy), Martine Chevallier (The island of 30 coffins) and Samia Sassi (Julie Lescaut) complete the cast.

It’s worth checking out ?

By wanting to complicate things too much, we get lost. And Faceless Vengeance is the epitome of that. Just reading the synopsis, we understand that this TV movie will get bogged down in intrigues that are far too convoluted and useless which bring absolutely nothing to the narration.

Marie, camped by Aurore Delplace, wants revenge on Maxime and Sofia who had used her a year earlier to recover information with a view to carrying out a robbery before leaving her for dead by sabotaging her parachute. She then tries to lure them into a trap by fomenting a new robbery.

For his part, BRI agent Luc Ferraz (Philippe Bas), who has been on the case for a year and whose investigation is stalling, suspects Marie of having helped the criminals during the first robbery by discovering a photo of the young woman with the suspects. He then pretends to be his life assistant in order to trap her and discovers, during her infiltration, that she gives information to the robbers. You said complicated ?

Past the ridiculous opening scene, and the few action moments worthy of the worst B movies, The Faceless Vengeance hardly manages to captivate us, and it is not the interpretation of the actors that saves the TV movie. Philippe Bas, who plays, as usual, a somewhat daredevil policeman with unorthodox methods and Aurore Delplace, who is nevertheless very good in Un si grand soleil, ring false, and their alchemy is absent subscribers.

In short, La Vengeance sans visage is a tasteless TV movie, which gets bogged down in an unnecessarily complicated plot with an uninteresting outcome.

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