La Vengeance au triple gallop on CANAL +: what is this crazy parody with Audrey Lamy …

Canal + is broadcasting tonight “La Vengeance au triple galop”, a parody of soaps à la “Dallas” and “Dynasty” imagined by Alex Lutz and Arthur Sanigou. With Audrey Lamy, Leïla Bekhti, Guillaume Gallienne, and Marion Cotillard in the main roles.

What is it about ?

After the death of her father, Stéphanie Harper, a rich heiress, finds herself at the head of an empire she never dreamed of. A few years later, she married with great fanfare with Craig Danners, three weeks after their “love at first sight”. This man is a star thanks to the fast walking, sport of which he is the reference in the whole world. However, he is not the dream husband …

Craig has indeed an affair with Crystal Clear, Stephanie’s best friend. The couple of lovers conceives for Stéphanie a Machiavellian plan to get rid of her and recover her fortune. But Stéphanie, left for dead at the bottom of a ravine after a horse accident, will return to take revenge.

The crazy parody of an Australian soap that has become cult

After La Flamme, which will return soon for a season 2 inspired by Koh-Lanta, Canal + continues in the genre of parody with La Vengeance au triple gallop, a new unitary written and directed by Alex Lutz and Arthur Sanigou, which will be broadcast on Monday October 4 at 9:05 p.m. and is already available on myCANAL.

And if the title of this comedy means anything to you, it’s normal since The Vengeance at the Triple Gallop is none other than a parody of the Australian soap of the 1980s The Revenge with the two faces (Return to Eden), in which the wealthy heiress Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling) was thrown into crocodile food by her husband. Before returning better under the identity of Tara Welles to take revenge on the one who had sought to get rid of her to get his hands on his fortune.

“I love these series. These big sagas which were made a bit like the West Coast, from Dallas. But which were a little more produced, a little more constructed”, explained Alex Lutz, who also plays the perfidious Craig Danners in the TV movie, during a press conference organized at the La Rochelle Festival. “I watched these soap operas with my grandmother and she would say to me” Light me up my novel “. By embarking on this adventure, I wanted to find these childhood memories, where I was aware that these soap operas were. a little ridiculous, while letting myself be caught up in the game. It was quite strong because it was real entertainment. And I tried to use the same codes with the desire to make laugh “.

La vengeance au triple gallop on canal +: what is this crazy parody with audrey lamy...
Philippe Mazzoni / Canal +

At the request of Canal +, which offers him carte blanche, Alex Lutz therefore imagines this crazy and hilarious parody, which deliciously mocks soaps like Les Feux de l’Amour or Dynastie, while paying homage to them.

“I have a crazy chance in the artistic world with Canal. They have always left me a royal peace”, continues the actor and director to whom we owe the films Guy and The Talent of my friends. “Catherine and Liliane, it seems obvious today because the program marked something. But to bet on two men disguised as women, who are secretaries in a newsroom and ask themselves” Hey, what that she becomes Corinne Touzet? “, it was not won at the start, but we believed very strongly. I don’t like objects to look alike, I need to invent something each time, and that, at Canal, they understood “.

Five-star casting and wig parade

To play his Stephanie Harper, Alex Lutz immediately thinks of Audrey Lamy, who once again proves her comic genius in La Vengeance au triple gallop, between lines that kill and improvised song by the fireside to die of laughter during a anthology scene with Bruno Sanches and Gaspard Ulliel. And the ex-star of Scenes of households obviously did not hesitate for a single second.

“Alex and I were watching The Young and the Restless during the rehearsals of my Last Before Vegas show, at lunch break. He even wrote a sketch for me that used the codes of these soap operas.”, explains Audrey Lamy. “And one day Alex told me he wanted to make a movie of it. I was really touched that he thought of me. We all have a crazy score to play. There is real text. We had toast. texts, it took three months to learn the text (laughs). In the cinema, we never have that. But we had something to have fun, it was great. With the wigs, his voice, his body, costumes. It was a controlled playground “.

La vengeance au triple gallop on canal +: what is this crazy parody with audrey lamy...
Philippe Mazzoni / Canal +

At their side, viewers will find a high-end cast made up of Leïla Bekhti in the role of the infamous Crystal Clear, Guillaume Gallienne, Marion Cotillard, Izia Higelin, Gaspard Ulliel, François Civil, totally unrecognizable in the skin of the manager of a seedy hotel, Karin Viard, Tom Dingler, and even Ingrid Chauvin, the star of the daily soap opera of TF1 Demain belongs to us, which we find here in a role a thousand leagues from Chloé Delcourt.

“When I read Arthur and Alex’s screenplay, I saw” Genoa City “written and I said to myself” Just for that, I want to do it “, confides, amused, Leïla Bekhti, who also grew up with The Young and the Restless and the American series that we all know, and already hopes to resume her role of Crystal in a possible sequel. “I was in the role of Crystal Clear, I liked this colorful character. I liked that she changes her hairstyle at each sequence, and that under the pretext that she comes back from Brazil she has a permed”.

Full of references and hilarious moments, La Vengeance au triple gallop should delight fans of uninhibited comedies and connoisseurs of soap. Without forgetting all those who will want to see Audrey Lamy, Leïla Bekhti, and their comrades having fun like crazy. Even if Alex Lutz’s telefilm sometimes suffers a little from its duration (1h45) and its difficult balance between pure parody and more first-degree sequences, which are the result of a real sincerity desired by the writers.

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