La Rochelle Festival 2022: Touched by Alexandra Lamy, The Court, and The man of our lives…

La Rochelle Festival 2022 Touched by Alexandra Lamy The Court

The 2022 edition of the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, which ended yesterday, notably rewarded Alexandra Lamy’s TV film “Touchées”, the Arte unit “La Cour”, and the series “Lycée Toulouse Lautrec”, “Vortex”, and “Septième Ciel”.

End clap for the 2022 edition of the TV Fiction Festival, which took place from September 13 to 17 in La Rochelle. The event, still unmissable for all professionals in the sector but also for the public, present once again en masse this year, ended last night during an award ceremony which reflected the richness and the diversity of the competition.

The jury, chaired by the actress, director and screenwriter Sandrine Bonairepresented its prize list and awarded 13 prizes during this closing ceremony presented by Mathieu Madenian.

On the series side, the novelty of TF1 Lycée Toulouse Lautrec, which will be broadcast in the coming months with Stephane De Groodt, China Thybaudor Valerie Karsenti in the main roles, walked away with the prize for the Best 52-minute series, while the unpublished comedy by OCS Septième Ciel was rewarded in the 26-minute category and the thrillers Vortex (France 2) and L’homme de nos vies (M6) respectively received the prizes for Best Music and Best Screenplay.

TV movies, meanwhile, are not left out. The jury awarded the prize for Best unit to Touchées, the first production ofAlexandra Lamy which will be broadcast this Thursday, September 22 on TF1. As for Arte, the TV movie La Cour, which explores the rules that govern the courtyard of a primary school like a microcosm, was awarded the prize for Best Director, awarded to Hafsia Herzi, and for Young Female Hope Adami who highlighted the talent of the very young actress Lucy Loste Berset.

Finally, it should also be noted that France Télévisions unitaries The Story of Annette Zelman, Life Before You, and Mom, Don’t Let Me Fall Asleep also made a strong impression as they walked away with the prize respectively. Young Male Hope Adami (awarded to Vassili Schneider), Best Actress (Zoé Héran and Maïra Schmitt), and Best Actor (Nemo Schiffman).

Shocking, the speech of the young Nemo Schiffman (Deadly, She leaves) was also one of the highlights of the ceremony, which did not leave many people indifferent in the room. Just like that of Alexandra Lamy, moved and proud on stage alongside her daughter Chloe Jouannetwho plays one of the main roles in the TV movie she directed.


Best unit: Affected (TF1)

Best Music: Audrey Ismail and Olivier Coursier for Vortex (France Televisions)

Best Screenplay: Marie Guilmineau, Alice Van Den Broek and Eliane Vigneron for The man of our lives (M6)

Best Achievement: Hafsia Herzi for The courtyard (art)

Young male prospect Adami: Vasily Schneider for The story of Annette Zelman (France Televisions)

Young female hope Adami: Lucy Loste Berset for The Court (Arte)

Best female interpretation: Zoe Heran and Maira Schmitt for The life ahead of you (France Televisions)

Best Male Performance: Nemo Schiffman for Mama, don’t let me fall asleep (France Televisions, RTBF, TV5 Monde)

Best French-speaking series: Attraction (RTBF, TF1 Belgium)

Best European Fiction: Life and death in the warehouse (BBC THREE UK)

Best series under 20 minutes: Lost in California (art)

Best 26-minute series: Seventh heaven (SCO)

Best 52-minute series: Toulouse-Lautrec high school (TF1)

Prices for Charente-Maritime college students: Darknet-sur-mer (Prime Video)

Téléstar Award for Best Series: Lies (TF1)

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