Nothing was happening, and then the man in the carbon mask appeared to turn everything upside down. Real and Athletic were hanging around, with little daring and a hint of fear, when in a lateral foul that Brais took, the rebound off Yuri fell at the feet of Le Normand in the small area to uncover the case of thunder.

R. Society


Remiro, Zubeldia, Le Normand (Jon Pacheco, min. 61), Tierney (Aihen Muñoz, min. 25), Hamari Traore, Merino (Beñat Turrientes, min. 81), Martín Zubimendi, Barrenetxea (Oyarzabal, min. 61), Take Kubo, Sadiq (André Silva, min. 61) and Brais



Unai Simón, Daniel Vivian (Aitor Paredes, min. 75), Yuri, De Marcos, Yeray, Nico Williams (Berenguer, min. 63), Ander Herrera (Benat Prados, min. 71), Muniain (Raúl García, min. 71 ), Dani García, Williams and Guruzeta (Villalibre, min. 45)

Goals 1-0 min. 29: Le Normand. 2-0 min. 48: Take Kubo. 3-0 min. 65: Oyarzabal.

Referee Jesus Gil Manzano

Yellow cards Ander Herrera (min. 28), Daniel Vivian (min. 43), Merino (min. 44) and Zubeldia (min. 77)

The derby was inane after the initial push from Real, as befits a host, but it tempered with the minutes, when Athletic calmed the nerves, the match was balanced, to the point of bordering on boredom. A lot of fighting, yes; a lot of sweat in the warm San Sebastian night after a day that had filled the beaches, but little football. The bully Kubo did not break free, well tied as he was by Yuri, and although Barrenetxea flashed some, it was not enough to supply Sadiq, a gladiator without the ball close to his sphere of influence.

Neither did Athletic’s wings, with the Williams one on each side, find a way, not even when Tierney was injured after a race. The engine room occupied by Herrera and Dani García had a lot of work neutralizing the task of Brais, Merino or Zubimendi, so the contribution was minimal.

The game was moving towards the flat encephalogram when the foul hit by Brais bounced off Yeray’s back, Yuri’s side and fell to Le Normand, who is protecting his face with a mask after a strong blow he suffered against Getafe, and who found an unexpected gift that ended in the goal that opened the can. So yes, Athletic took a step forward, and Nico Williams appeared in two passes, the first to Guruzeta, who headed high, and the second to his brother Iñaki, who found the entire goal for him, but finished wide.

After a month of success, the Athletic player’s vision in front of the goal became blurred, because as soon as the second half began, he again had a ball to tie the game, and again he missed it by a few centimeters. And that lack of precision in the shot became the red and white grave, because in the next action, a long ball played by Brais towards Sadiq could not be controlled by the Nigerian, he barely touched it, but it fell loose to Kubo, who was passing by. there, and who was relentless against Unai Simón to double the royalist advantage.

And nothing was the same anymore, because Anoeta was celebrating the result and the red and whites were ruminating about an unexpected score, because in reality nothing was still happening, except that when they looked at the light their vision blurred with what they were reading. They felt as if their wallet had been stolen inadvertently, without understanding that that’s what football is, and the smartest, the most timely and the most effective wins. If quality also appears, and that overwhelms Real Sociedad on all sides, no further explanations are necessary. The answers were in the field.

Without arguments since the second goal, Athletic only seemed to have hope for a miracle, which did not occur. The derby had a blue and white color, and it had even more so after Oyarzabal’s goal, the third for his team, in a clearance by Unai Simón who headed in the center of the field for the career of his captain, who responded with goals – he has three in his account–, to the criticism he was beginning to receive for his performance, and which Imanol always rejected. He left the field happy, like his teammates, after scoring and Athletic signing the armistice.

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