La Meute, Carpe Diem ... France TV Slash is preparing three fictions on the end of the world [EXCLU] - News Series

La Meute, Carpe Diem … France TV Slash is preparing three fictions on the end of the world [EXCLU] – News Series

France TV Slash will soon shoot a collection of units on the theme of the end of the world: “La Meute”, “Carpe Diem”, and “Attack of the Living Trash”. With the cast Zoé Marchal (“Skam France”), Roxane Bret (“Sam”), or even Omar Mebrouk (“HPI”).

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Known for its daring and resolutely modern teen series, such as Skam France, Mental, or Stalk, France TV Slash is about to switch to science fiction and anticipation with three new units of 60 minutes each that will form the collection “The end of the world”.

This Tuesday, May 25, France Télévisions’ digital platform for young adults will launch the filming in the Paris region of La Meute, the first of these three fictional events, which will be followed by Carpe Diem and Attack of the Living Trash.

Inspired, among others, according to France TV Slash, by the Mayan predictions which announced that December 21, 2012 would mark the end of the world or be the scene of a similar catastrophe, these three TV films “will question us on how we would behave if we were threatened or had experienced a cataclysmic situation “.

La Meute (drama)

10 years after a cataclysm that devastated the earth, some survivors are trying to survive in camps. Among them five teenagers: Thomas, Mehdi, Marianne, Jessica and Léo. Between bears and looters, they live almost from day to day, having no time to think about who they are. Until the day when an intriguing crew emerges. A theater company, really? Or predators in disguise?

Produced by Cocorico, La Meute will be directed by Sofia Alaoui, César Award for Best Short Film in 2021 for Quote If Beasts Die, and written by Anne Rambach and Marine Rambach. In the casting, viewers of France TV Slash will find Idir Azougli (Scheherazade), Alassane Diong (Les Sauvages), Zoé Marchal (Disparue, Le Temps est assassin), Max Baissette (Sam, Tunnel), Angèle Mac, Paula Luna, and Luc Heather (6 x confin.é.es).

Carpe diem (comedy)

Alert! An asteroid is going to crash into Earth! We have 36 hours left to do what we’ve always dreamed of. Akim, Julie and Kevin, three high school students too wise to be popular, have finally decided to let go. Except that, when the asteroid ends up grazing our planet, they find themselves having to deal with their small and large, even very large, skids. Not easy when in addition we were judged “exemplary” …

Carpe Diem will be directed by Erwan Marinopoulos (Kill Ben Lyk), and written by Jean-Yves Arnaud (Kepler (s)), Moïra Bérard (Sam), and Nils Mathieu. The cast of this TV movie produced by En car Simone has not yet been revealed by France Télévisions.

Attack of the Living Trash (comedy)

Roxane, a walking disaster, and Philippe, a compulsive liar, never stop breaking down. Their lifelong friend Arnold, just dumped, is not of much help. When a strange phenomenon occurs: the waste becomes alive and attacks everyone. Violently. Convinced that it is because of their shouting games, the two lovers try to reconcile while boosting the morale of their depressed friend and especially to escape death. Not easy when even a can of soda becomes a potential killer.

The three heroes of Attack of the Living Trash and its crazy pitch will be played by Roxane Bret (Sam), Omar Mebrouk (H24, HPI), and Charly Rodrigue Fournier (Ambre). Produced by The Twenty-Fifth Hour, this unit will be directed by Matthieu Liénart, and written by Jean Pébereau and Matthieu Liénart.

Rendez-vous at the end of 2022 on France TV Slash to laugh, or tremble, in front of the collection “The end of the world”. A project that was initiated by the Digital Fiction Department of France Télévisions (Sened Dhab, Sophia Synodinos, and Gauthier Ganiou).

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