La fault à Rousseau: what do the actors of the original Spanish series look like?

“La Faute à Rousseau”, broadcast every Wednesday at 9:05 pm on France 2, is the French adaptation of the Spanish series “Merli”. Discover what the Iberian counterparts of Charlie Dupont, Louis Duneton, or Anny Duperey look like.

Charlie Dupont VS.  Francesc Orella

1. Charlie Dupont VS. Francesc Orella

In La Faute à Rousseau, Charlie Dupont plays Benjamin Rousseau, a nonconformist philosophy teacher who tries to help his students while having trouble putting his own life in order. In the original series Merli (#Philo in France), it is Francesc Orella who plays this irreverent teacher, baptized in Spain Merlí Bergeron.

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Broadcast every Wednesday since February 17 on France 2, Rousseau’s fault follows the adventures of Benjamin Rousseau (Charlie dupont), a philosophy teacher as brilliant as non-conformist who tries, through the notions he teaches every day in class, to give his students the necessary weapons to face the problems of their daily life. While combining, in a rather ironic way, with a complicated personal and love life, in which he stands still and does not necessarily know how to make the right choices.

And if this story, also carried by Anny duperey, Louis Duneton (Plus belle la vie), or Esther Valding (Tomorrow belongs to us), tells you something, it may be because you have already seen Merli, the original Spanish series of which La Faute à Rousseau is an adaptation. Available in France on Amazon Prime Video, under the title #Philo, the Catalan version, which had three seasons between 2015 and 2018 on the TV3 channel, differs a lot from the French remake by its much more serialized format and by its approach to philosophy. , which goes through famous philosophers or schools of thought, while La Faute à Rousseau, developed by Agathe Robilliard and Thomas Boullé, has chosen to center each of its episodes on a different student and to link each issue to a notion of philosophy, and not to one or more philosophers in particular.

Faced with the success met in Spain, Merli, led by Francesc Orella in the skin of Merli Bergeron, even gave birth in 2019 to a spin-off, Merli: sapere aude, which is interested in Pol (Carlos cuevas), one of the students of the mother series, as he began his studies in philosophy at university and thus followed in his mentor’s footsteps. A very important character of Merli, also linked to the hero’s son, Bruno (David Solans), which we find in La Faute à Rousseau under the guise of Bryan Trésor, who plays Paul, a high school student who does not leave Théo Rousseau indifferent. Because if all the characters of the original series are not present in the remake, some are easily identifiable from one version to another. So, if La Faute à Rousseau made you want to immerse yourself in Merli, discover our comparison between the actors of the two series in the slideshow above.

The trailer for La Faute à Rousseau, also available in full on Salto:

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