La Casa de Papel: what was the hardest scene for Álvaro Morte (the Professor)? – News Series on TV

La Casa de Papel: what was the hardest scene for Álvaro Morte (the Professor)? – News Series on TV

As fans wait to find out if Season 5 of “La Casa de Papel” will be commissioned by Netflix, Álvaro Morte, the Professor’s interpreter, has revealed which scene from the first four seasons has been the most difficult for him to shoot.


Season 4 of La Casa de Papel, available since April 3 on Netflix, does not skimp on shock scenes and drama particularly hard for the heroes, in the pure tradition of what the Spanish robbery series offers since its launch in 2017. Recently interviewed by the site Identity, Álvaro Morte, the Interpreter of the Professor, however revealed that the scene he had found the most difficult to shoot was rather in season 3, and more precisely at the very end of it. When the Professor falls into the trap of Alicia and Suarez, and thinks that Raquel (Itziar Ituño) has been shot.

“The scene in season 3 during which the Professor hears the gunfire supposed to have killed Raquel”, answers Álvaro Morte without hesitation when Identity questions him about the most trying sequence of these first four seasons of La Casa de Papel. “I remember having worked a lot with the director and in particular having discussed how we could execute the scene and draw a shocking and incredible reaction from the Professor. He hears this shot and it hits him like an arrow shot in the middle Then he is even more shocked when he hears the second shot and falls on his knees to the ground with that strange expression on his face, an expression full of horror. While unable to cry. when something changes in him, and you realize that when he tells Palermo that the war has started “.

An ultra-efficient cliffhanger who therefore visibly gave Álvaro Morte a hard time on the set of season 3 and remains for him one of the highlights of the series. But the Spanish actor of 45 years admits however that if he had to retain only one of the four seasons of La Casa de Papel, his choice would be on season 1. “It must be the first”, explains the Professor interpreter. “Because it was the start of everything. At that time we still had no pressure from the media or the fans. We were just trying to do our best without having a clue about the huge success that the series was going to meet. We were just taking advantage of the fact that we were shooting La Casa de Papel “. A feeling of carelessness far away today, given the extent that the phenomenon has taken on season after season. So much so that the smallest detail is scrutinized by the fans and that the least information on the sequel is expected like the messiah. A sequel, in the form of a season 5, which has still not been formalized by Netflix but which is likely to see the light of day when we know the many questions that remain unanswered at the end of the last episode of the fourth part.

The trailer for season 4 of La Casa de Papel:

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