La Casa de Papel: we have seen the last episodes, does the end live up to our …

Five new little episodes and then go. La Casa de Papel officially ended this Friday on Netflix with the launch of part 2 of season 5. So, did the series leave with honors?

Warning this article contains spoilers on season 5 part 2 of La Casa De Papel.

This Friday, December 3, Netflix put online the final episodes of La Casa de Papel, which the author of her lines was quick to watch to find out whether or not our favorite robbers survived. It must be said that the actors aroused our curiosity by promising us surprises and an end to not being able to sleep (plot twist, we will sleep very well tonight).

Might as well go straight to the point: these last 5 episodes were predictable (with a few details) and not really successful. It must be said that we were warned since several actors revealed that this final had been written in disaster, as the filming progressed.

The recap: nothing is going well for the robbers

After having managed to get the gold out of the Bank of Spain and reconstitute it into bullion, the Professor’s team believe they have come most of the way. All that remains is to find a way to leave the area without getting caught. But it was without counting on the commando of Sagasta, amputated of several of its members after the explosion orchestrated by Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) in the previous part. He passes off one of his last two soldiers for dead and asks him to act in the shadows in order to clear the passage before the police offensive.

At the same time, the Professor (Alvaro Morte), Marseille, Alicia Sierra and the others face a thorny problem: the police have just discovered their hiding place – they are arrested and handcuffed. Sergio quickly realizes that something is wrong and discovers that someone has stolen their gold. They are Rafael and the ex-wife from Berlin, who pretended to be bogus police officers. A rather interesting turnaround that we hadn’t seen coming… (the only one in the episode in reality).

Back at the Bank, the offensive is launched, all the robbers are captured and targeted by the police. When the Professor learns about it, he decides to surrender too. But he has one last trump card up his sleeve and we then discover the last part of his plan: he wants to create a stock market crash and turn stolen gold into a bargaining chip.

And it works. When the world learns that the Spanish national reserve has disappeared and that the country is slowly sinking into crisis, Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) realizes that he has no other choice but to collaborate with the Professor.

After many muscular exchanges between the two men, Sergio reveals fake gold bars – which allows to revive the financial market – in exchange for his freedom and that of his team. The army is passing off our robbers in order to get them out of prison and give them a new identity and a new life. Meanwhile, Alicia Sierra commissioned by the Professor manages to find the booty …

A happy ending that should satisfy the fans

Admittedly this part 2 was imagined in the last days of filming but the showrunners seem to have always had one idea in mind: that of satisfying the fans with a happy ending. No deaths on the side of the robbers in this season 5 part 2, which is rather that of the resolution of the plot. The writers took no risk, preferring scenes of emotion, of jubilation (the robbers offer us a new cover of Bella ciao), sadness and doubt. The action is also more accurately measured than in part 1 where it was shooting and exploding at all costs.

La Casa de Papel ends in the end without much glamor, but with the promise it had made since season 1: to offer an addictive series with its multiple twists, without really worrying about the plausibility or the writing of her characters (Alicia Sierra who goes from jailer to team member in the snap of a finger, we’ll never get over it).

Now we hope that one thing: that his robbers remain dead and that we do not hear about a season 6.

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